National Math Day changed into ‘GANIT’

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Keeping  on the new trend of giving Hindi names to policies and programmes, National Mathematics Day, celebrated on December 22 to highlight the anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan, has now been changed into GANIT (mathematics).

GANIT is a short form of Growing Aptitude in Numerical Innovations & Training. This year, Ramanujan’s anniversary will be celebrated with an intention to “support teachers and students towards mathematics education”, reduce the fear of learning the subject and make the subject more interesting with the use of Information & Communication Technology and various activities.

In this week, students can complete the projects with geogebra, view watch video programmes on mathematics and can donate their recourses in the form of activities, posters, documents, images, interactive objects, videos, audios and in any other open educational resources.

Geogebra is mathematical software and its name has been created from geometry and algebra. It is used to create mathematical constructions and allow interactive explorations in the course of varying parameters.

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