Oxford beats Cambridge as UK’s best research university

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Cambridge University has been regarded as Britain’s leading Research University for a long period of time. Its traditional rival Oxford University has now overtaken it after a two-year-long assessment of research quality.

On Friday, the University Published 2014 Research Excellence Framework (Ref) which will be examined by 52,000 academics at 154 institutions that took part in bug public assessment of their research output and also finds out the allocation of £2bn of public money in research funding yearly.

Oxford is about to take the main share of the block financial support. Almost half of the research was done was its 2,400 academic staff whereas the production of University College London’s 2,600 staff placed it on top of Cambridge’s 2,100.

The meaning of these results is that a rising ratio of research funding is going to be consumed by “Golden Triangle” of Oxford, Cambridge and London universities. Among the major institutions, Imperial College found that 90% of its research activities were internationally excellent which placed it above both Oxford and Cambridge by that point of view. London School of Economics and Cardiff University are also in top 5 for the quantity of research they produce.

The Institute of Cancer Research came on the top all over that time with approx 92% of its research in the four- and three-star categories that are going to attract more research funding. Over 87% of the research produced by Oxford will attract the main financial support of any institution.

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