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A child is often termed as a blank slate where whatever information gets inside the head comes out as pretty much the same. Thus, parents become cautious of what their children learn and absorb from the surroundings. Right from the best education to impeccable learning in all subjects and areas, children today are expected to live up to certain expectations set by parents because parents are expected to live up to the standards set by society. Moreover, owing to a stiff competition in every field, parents don’t want to miss any opportunity to guide their children to become perfect adults.
So, to serve the best needs of parents and children alike, Disha Publication has launched India’s first Skill Enhancement Product designed and developed by a team of IIT-ians named Perfect Genius Class 8 (Olympiads, Science, Maths, EVS, logic, English, Life Skills).

Discovering, developing and maintaining a child’s true potential isn’t an easy task. But then, it’s not impossible either. With Perfect Genius, we ensure that parents can find a perfect answer to their child’s overall development, though in a fun, exciting and more importantly, engrossing way. With Perfect Genius, teachers can set a solid foundation by complementing what students are already learning. Helping them understand basic concepts and giving them the power to think of innovative ways to reach a solution, perfect genius is the ultimate tool to bring out the best in a child. In Perfect Genius we have focused on five key areas which are significant for overall development of a child.

1. Scientific Aptitude
2. Mathematical Aptitude
3. English Proficiency
4. Social Awareness
5. Logic Development

Each kit consists of unique and innovative WORKBOOKS based on these 5 key areas, which contain Interesting Concepts, Quiz sections, Puzzles, Activities, Experiments, Games and Exercises that have been scientifically designed and integrated to develop the SCHOLASTIC and CO-SCHOLASTIC skills of a child. The kit helps in building a strong foundation for NTSE and National & International Olympiad exams. The kit is not based on the syllabus of a single board but covers major boards altogether.

Unlike regular books which focus on how much a child knows, the Perfect Genius kit measures how well a student has understood concepts. Feedback on the same are also availed to both students and teachers for further improvement. Perfect Genius kit does not restrict the academic requirements but will question the students on various aspects pre-requisite for higher Intelligent Quotient. It provides informative study material to students ensuring that their minds absorb most of what is taught than just cram it.
To conclude this, we’ll say that Perfect Genius will help in creating enough triggers for students, parents and teachers so as to draw a perfect plan of action so that every child can become Perfect Genius.

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