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A competitive examination is an assessment where candidates are ranked in accordance with their grades. Competitive examinations are used in many countries for university, college admissions, admissions to secondary schools and positions in the civil service. They are considered a democratic way of choosing creditable applicants without risking power peddling, preferential treatment or other concerns

There’s an extraordinary difference between board exams and different entrance exams. Effective plan and occurrence of mind will help you guide your way to success.

With rising competition among students, entrance examinations have become clear and dependable. Thanks to these entrance exams, their future does not rely exclusively on their marks in the board examination but on other more pertinent factors including aptitude, logic and reasoning, and most prominently good old common sense.

The availability of books and proper study materials also play a great role for the successful preparation of exams. If you are preparing for competitive exams and looking for easily obtainable study materials at affordable and pocket friendly price, you can easily get that from DISHA PUBLICATION.

Recently Disha Publication has launched a specific campaign named Disha’s ebooks download Mania @Rs.1 Only through which students can access lots of study materials in the form of eBooks and can buy them just @Rs.1 from 8 Jan-2015-26Jan 2015. They can get lots of books for more than 50 competitive exams and tests such as bank exam ebooks, IIT JEE ebooks, ebooks for IIT, CBSE ebooks, NCERT ebooks, QUANTUM CAT ebooks, ebooks for kids, CTET ebooks etc . This platform allows students to get the required books easily from one Platform over the global internet saving lots of time, energy and money.

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