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CBSE Board exam: 5 things to follow for Success

Preparation and studying are not sufficient to excel in CBSE exams. Smart management during the preparatory phase and during the test is the only key to success. The preparation stage is always uncomfortable. As the deadline approaches, the discomfort increases even more as it is quite natural. accept it gracefully as a biological phenomenon and this technique will take away a large part of the stress and increase the efficiency of your work.

1. Drink plenty of water and fluids. Don’t learn without a bottle of water beside you. Drink one liter of water first thing in the morning and aim to drink at least two liters in the rest of the day in small SIPS. Don’t worry, that means more trips to the toilet. It will flush out toxins from the body and give you much needed regular breaks to maintain your productivity. To reduce the consumption closer to the evening, sleep well.

2. Eat a lot of fruits of all kinds and also have green vegetables regularly.

3. Avoid junk food completely during exams. Do not eat heavy. 4-5 small meals and never fill your stomach to the brim. And don’t feel too hungry. Avoid contact with water during and after meals for at least thirty minutes.

4. Exercise at least fifteen minutes a day. Yoga is the best choice. Light Jogging is also good. Eat something within fifteen minutes of exercise.

5. Take a small break for a few minutes every forty minutes. Stretch quietly for half a minute during breaks.

Include these tips in your schedule to reach the goal and get greater results in all that you do.

How to Crack CBSE Board Exams

Ncert syllabus


It’s not possible to sit in CBSE 12 Board Exams without carrying a baggage of parental pressure, sleepless nights and almost a plethora of advices by all kinds of people who know you. XII board exams, apparently ‘decide’ your future course of studies and the colleges and universities you might or might not get. 3-4 months prior to the Board exams, be it a commerce student or a medical/non-medical one, the pressure remains the same to score marks acceptable enough for both parents and universities alike.

Soon as you enter into class XII, all you hear throughout the entire year before Boards happen is ‘how to prepare, how much to prepare and what to prepare’. Sometimes, the pressure might take on you but the key is to keep focus on whatever concepts you study.

‘Begin from beginning’, yes, this might sound a little too vague but if you want to avoid those exam jitters in the later stage of preparations, you better have a plan in mind. Creating a proper study schedule right from the start will not only help you finish the tasks in hand, but also guide you to take each step towards preparations pragmatically.
In the beginning stage, learn each and every concept from NCERT books, thoroughly. Nothing comes out of NCERT syllabus. Be it any subject; make sure that you take your time out from school studies to learn and absorb it on your own at least thrice a week. Revise topics within 24 hours of understanding them. This will help you to keep them in your memory for a long time.
Keep track of all your notes in a well synchronized manner right from the beginning so that when you are in the final stage of preparations, you don’t waste your time looking around the dustiest corners of your bookshelf and eventually not finding them.
Discuss almost every doubt with your teachers as many times as you can, without any hesitation because that’s precisely what they are supposed to do, to come to your rescue.

Discipline is the key to survive XII board exams. Never ruin your schedule, always stick to it unless it doesn’t get the best out of you.

Healthy eating and sleeping habits aren’t as easy to implement as they sound, thus, assign this responsibility to your mother, she’ll take care of your sleeping and eating business, by hook or by crook.

Despite the entire hullabaloo created amidst and prior to Board Exams, keep hold over your nerves because it’s nothing but an outcome of your preparation. The worst that could happen is that you might not achieve your goal.That doesn’t mean you are any less than your contemporaries. Hard work has never failed anyone.
Thus, study hard, sleep harder. The best is yet to be.

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