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Choice Based Credit System to be implemented in Govt universities soon

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The Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry will take steps to make a new national education policy in next month by holding consultations with states and also taking the views of different stakeholders.

HRD Minister Smriti Irani said -a seminar to argue the new education guidelines with states will be held in February. She said that in the upcoming months, we will go to the states to pay attention to them. States should help us to hold discussions right from the village enlightening committee to the block and state level. She was addressing a meeting of state education ministers to talk about adoption of ‘choice-based credit transfer system’ and ‘credit structure for skills’.

Irani advised the states to accept both the systems from the accommodating educational session. The ‘credit framework for skills’ permits manifold pathways between occupational education, skills, education and job markets.

A joint working group including central and state government applicants will be established to reform “critical issues” in the completion of the two systems. The HRD ministry will also establish a complaint compartment in the UGC to speak to the challenges for its accomplishment.

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