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101 Speed Test Guarantees Your Success in Competitive Exams

Competitive Exams


To get public sector jobs in different areas such as civil services, banks, insurance, railways, Indian Army, Navy, Air force and in other similar sectors, competitive exams are the ultimate way.   A large number of students each year sit for different competitive exams to secure their dream jobs.

The first step towards getting a dream job in public sector is to qualify for competitive exam.  Most of the competitive exams mainly include subjects like logical reasoning, numerical ability, aptitude, intelligent quotient, general English, Marketing Aptitude/Computer Knowledge etc.  If you clear the preliminary exam, you have to pass in group discussions and interviews to get the job finally.

For getting success in competitive exams, candidates need to have systematic planning and do smart work. Since Competitive exams are completely different from school or university exams, institutes want to taste the knowledge, concepts, sharp mind and common sense of applicants.

Most of the students who study the whole year are unable to clear the written exams. It happens because of lack of their proper strategy to prepare. In exams, they have to solve a number of questions within limited period of time.

The main problems faced by students in competitive examinations are mentioned below:

→Weak in a particular subject:

Several candidates appearing in competitive exams are extremely weak in a particular subject and it lets their ranking come down.

→Lack of accuracy and time management:

These two factors are highly responsible for getting success in competitive exams.   Candidates are supposed to solve a question in less than 1 minute of time limit failing which they are more open to get disqualified in the exam.

→Lack of Good mental condition:

A number of candidates fail to do well in competitive exams due to over Stress on their brain, memory loss and irritation.  There are many students who think themselves out of the competition when they see the presence of a large number of candidates in exam hall and think negatively about their success in exam.

→Cut off marks:

Most of the competitive exams have negative marking for each wrong answer. There are several     candidates who get disappointed just because they have answered some questions wrongly and they stop answering questions and fail eventually to qualify the exam.

→Lack of proper study materials:

Several students are unable to get the appropriate Study material which is required to get the complete view on the particular topics based on the examination syllabus.  This results in their poor preparation of the exam and low scoring in exam scoring.


→Proper Time Management:

Good Time maintenance in the Bank Exams is the passport to score better marks. In the examination hall, candidates must first attempt the questions which seems easier to them. After finishing easier questions, they can opt for the hard questions easily by spending more time on them.

→ Accuracy Maintenance:

Accuracy stands for speed and it is a tool to score maximum and come out with your best in the examination.  You speed should such that you must be capable of solving a question in the least possible of time. For this, PRACTISE is the only wayto get the set target.

Good Health:

Good health conditions such as Good Sleep, lack of any hesitation, stress, confusion certainly paves your paves your way to good results.

→ Appropriate study materials:   Use 101 speed test:

Study material plays a key role for all competitive exams as candidates get the best content based on the concerned subject. Self-Prepared notes also hold great importance in the examinations.

 101 speed tests is a complete and prefect book for preparing all competitive exams.  The book includes 3000+ Quality MCQs and separate tests for students which help them to understand various concepts clearly and easily.  This book is highly useful for candidates appearing in all types of competitive examinations. Have a look over the main features and subject matters provided in the book:

101 speed tests.

→ Each test includes small topics and around 25-30 MCQs on the latest pattern of the exam useful for the IBPS PO exam.

→ The entire syllabus is spilt into 5 sections.   Also, all sections are distributed into 91 topics which end with a section test.

→ QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE is distributed into 31 topics + 1 Section Test.

→ REASONING ABILITY is distributed into 30 topics + 1 Section Test.

→ ENGLISH is distributed into 14 topics + 1 Section Test.

→ COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE is distributed into 6 topics + 1 Section Test.

→ GENERAL KNOWLEDGE is distributed into 15 topics + 1 Section Test

→Based on the complete syllabus, 5 practice sets are provided so that candidates can realize the sense of real exam.

→ Overall, the book has 3600+ Highly Relevant MCQ’s in the form of 101 tests.

→ Solutions of each 101 speed tests are provided at the end of the book.

→ The book provide the facility perforation and has Separate Tests. Candidates can tear each test out of the book.

→ Maximum Marks, Cut-off, Separate Time Limit, Qualifying Score is provided for each test.

→ The book also offers a distinct sheet, SCORE TRACKER with which you can keep a record of your scores and performances.

→ Students are strictly advised to take each and every test seriously and solve them only when they have prepared that topic very well.

→ The general awareness section has been covered with latest Current Affairs Questions.

→Once gone through a test, candidates must analyze their performance which will provide them cues to improve their concepts to do well in the financial examination.

→ We strongly believe that if candidates works on the cues provided by means of each of the test, they can improve their learning and score at least 20% finally.

To do list:

→ Read ENGLISH to improve your word-power.

→ Practice hard in Mathematics to gain the maximum speed.

→ Try to solve the puzzles and unknown logics of reasoning subject.

→ Update yourself with current affairs and

→ pay attention to financial awareness.

Things you should know about “101 speed tests”

SBI Clerical preparation book


As the name suggests, 101 Speed Tests assure confidence building and adaptability to a competitive exam aspirant, who wants to practice as many questions as he/ she wants, until a satisfaction level is attained. Formation of ‘101 Speed Tests’ came up with the necessity felt by various competitive exam aspirants who wanted to get accustomed to the pressure of time limit in an exam. It happens many a times to candidates who apply for such exams but somehow they fail to make proper assessments regarding the exam format and time allotment. Many applicants experience bouts of nervousness followed by wasting 20 percent of their time in deciding ‘which section to begin with’ while giving an exam. Be it GATE, GMAT, CSAT, CAT, Bank PO/ Clerk, SSC or any other exam on earth you are preparing for, if you don’t know how to execute your innumerable days of hard work into 3 hours of an examination, you might lose it real bad. Thus, ‘101 speed tests’ are recommended to all competitive exam aspirants who want to improve their scores by 20 percent and more.

Disha Publication, with this conviction to make students familiar with the exam pattern and time limit has come up with ‘101 speed tests’ for various competitive exams. Each test is based on small topics which are most important for any competitive exam. Each test contains around 20-25 MCQs (based on the latest pattern of the exam) depending upon its significance.
The book also provides a separate sheet, SCORE TRACKER where students can keep a record of their scores and performances. It is advised that the students take each test seriously and move on further only when they are done with one test.
‘101 Speed Tests’ have been TAILOR-MADE for students who want to achieve 100 percent execution of their preparation in Examination.
Disha Publication has an array of these workbooks for almost all sorts of competitive examinations which are held across India. More than 2800 MCQs have been asked in each workbook which is sufficient enough for any student to get a firm grasp on his/her loopholes, or problem areas. Go for ‘101 Speed Tests’ to get a clear vision to execute better in Exams.

Director & Co- Founder of Dishapublication
Deepak Agarwal



  “Remember it is not the input but the output which leads to selection. You might have spent 100s of hours in preparing (Input) but if you cannot perform optimally in the exam hall (output) all your input will go down the drain,” says Deepak Agarwal, Director, Disha Publication.

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