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Birla Institute of Technology and Science-When you don’t get IIT

Comprehensive Guide to BITSAT

Engineering in India is worshiped as ‘Career God’ by parents and sometimes, their children alike. Any education course which does not involve minimum 12 hours of rigorous study drills and make you bid farewell to your social life for 4 years isn’t worthy enough of even considering it, and which course comes with such affable attributes other than, of course, Engineering! IIT is undoubtedly the engineering Mecca for all engineering aspirants, and anything less than that seems an obligation, not a choice.

Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) is one such institute a student considers when a dream to get into IIT slips out of hand and fate, both. Though, BITS is no less when it comes to the admission procedure. Many students re-build their aspirations to get into BITS after being rejected by IIT. BITS is an Indian Institute which primarily focuses on Undergraduate education in engineering and Science. Considered as one of the top notch engineering Institutes across the country, BITS has its centres located at Goa, Pilani and Hyderabad. To get into one of these prestigious campuses, BITSAT (BITS admission test) and 80 percent in Physics, Chemistry and Maths (separately) secured in 12th boards are deemed requisites. Though, 1st rankers in Central and State level boards can have a direct access to BITS irrespective of their BITSAT score. This might ease some pain for the potential toppers however the odds are quite slim for 99 percent applicants. Preparation is what might come in handy while everything else doesn’t. Scheduling your preparation time is a first step to get hold of BITSAT syllabus. It’s a computerized test and multiple choice questions are available with four options. Each correct answer carries 3 marks, while incorrect one deducts 1 mark. There are many study materials available online comprising previous years’ solved papers and study guides which provide a structured form to your existing preparation.

One of the study materials is Comprehensive Guide to BITSAT with Mock Test CD by Disha Publication which comes with solved questions and the pattern is as per various concepts of different subjects asked in the exam. Mock tests are also available so that you can gauge your preparation levels well. Remember that a comprehensive study material is what counts as it makes you focus on your weaker sections and provides you a better understanding of your problems.

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