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Even defenders are against FYUP choice based credit system

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Delhi University Academic Council passed the Commission for choice based credit system (CBCS) and its implementation indirectly — but the greatest amount of disagreement for a long time – 15

Although many argue, CBCS with its Foundation courses and the promise of flexibility is, in fact FYUP on a large scale, even many supporters of the disastrous four years of undergraduate not Vice-Chancellor at this time.

Other than the six members of the AC — from the left democratic teachers Front and Samajwadi Shikshak Manch and Sambhavana — he also objected to FYUP, there were differences even among academics for action and development (Misra), had protested most vehemently against rollback FYUP, going as seats in a hunger strike at the gates of the vice regal Lodge and the filing of a claim in the Supreme Court.

On Wednesday, two of its members In AC – Rajesh K. Jha (former member of the standing Committee on FYUP) and Sadhna Sharma (who helped with course design) – agreed on CBCS, using the same arguments in their dissent note that detractors FYUP made against it.

His dissent note – also signed Sanjay Kumar and AM Khan INTEC argues that the Ministry of HRD, letter DU to create a Committee on CBCS is “an attack on statutory jurisdiction ka CBCS came to DU in a dramatic way and in a non-consultative way” and that “this proposal should be [Sent] departmental councils / boards staff / faculties”.

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