Even defenders are against FYUP choice based credit system

FYUP, Choice-based credits FYUP, CBC in 3 year under graduation, Choice-based credits FYUP in DU, CBC in four year under graduation

Delhi University Academic Council passed the Commission for choice based credit system (CBCS) and its implementation indirectly — but the greatest amount of disagreement for a long time – 15

Although many argue, CBCS with its Foundation courses and the promise of flexibility is, in fact FYUP on a large scale, even many supporters of the disastrous four years of undergraduate not Vice-Chancellor at this time.

Other than the six members of the AC — from the left democratic teachers Front and Samajwadi Shikshak Manch and Sambhavana — he also objected to FYUP, there were differences even among academics for action and development (Misra), had protested most vehemently against rollback FYUP, going as seats in a hunger strike at the gates of the vice regal Lodge and the filing of a claim in the Supreme Court.

On Wednesday, two of its members In AC – Rajesh K. Jha (former member of the standing Committee on FYUP) and Sadhna Sharma (who helped with course design) – agreed on CBCS, using the same arguments in their dissent note that detractors FYUP made against it.

His dissent note – also signed Sanjay Kumar and AM Khan INTEC argues that the Ministry of HRD, letter DU to create a Committee on CBCS is “an attack on statutory jurisdiction ka CBCS came to DU in a dramatic way and in a non-consultative way” and that “this proposal should be [Sent] departmental councils / boards staff / faculties”.

Choice-based credits FYUP once again in 3 years’ in DU

FYUP, Choice-based credits FYUP, CBC in 3 year under graduation, Choice-based credits FYUP in DU, CBC in four year under graduation

The ghost of the four-year undergraduate programme has started to hunt the detractors in Delhi University once again as Teachers are worried that the University Grants Commission‘s letter to vice-chancellors telling them to introduce the Choice-Based Credit System from 2015-16 in a short period of six month- will turn out to be FYUP-like debacle on a national scale.

The UGC has published guidelines on CBCS and teachers are highly worried about the fact that “buffet system” in higher education will mean constant variation in workload and smaller amount enduring appointments that can easily be predicted.

The speed is the main problem to FYUP as it is being implemented at a very slow speed. Everyone is complaining about structural problems, infrastructure and sub-par courses. Chakrabarti asserted said he has no political affiliations, but this decision will devastate the university status.

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