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Graduate Aptitude Test

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering or GATE is an All-India examination which essentially tests complete understanding of various undergraduate subjects in engineering and science. It is conducted by Indian Institute of Science and Indian Institute of Technology on behalf of National Co-operation board. GATE scores are used for admissions to various post-graduate programs. And now, these same scores are also being used by Indian Public Sector Undertakings. Being regarded as one of the toughest exams of India to get through, GATE preparations act as a gateway to perpetual state of hard work followed with less or no time left to socialize and have fun. With over 30 subjects to prepare, an applicant must endure a period of struggle which is nothing short of a nightmare (if you aren’t a pro at studying for hours).
To begin with, GATE exam preparations must start 8-9 months prior to the exam date. Initially, all concepts of the respective paper must be thoroughly cleared. Aspirants must make sure that they cover almost entirely all the major concepts without leaving any scope for them to procrastinate for final preparations. Making notes of each topic will be quite helpful for revisions. The applicants must make sure that they allocate their time for all subjects equally and above all, maintain consistency all throughout.
Those who aren’t headstrong enough for the extensive preparation drills can always seek refuge to coaching institutes where getting accustomed to a disciplined schedule is much easier.
GATE examination has a negative marking pattern so students must ensure they answer those questions which they are confident about. A month before the set date should be reserved for rapid online tests where applicants can easily test their grasp over concepts.
Maintaining consistency and sleep are equally significant at times like these. Thus, no matter what, get adequate amount of sleep and prepare with the same conviction that must never whither. GATE, like any other competitive exam in India demands one thing, which is hard work and there’s absolutely nothing that pays off the way hard work does.

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