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The History of Education

vedic period education

Education has a history behind it. It is as old as civilization of humans yet, it holds in itself a capacity to consistently evolve into better and finer means. The history of education dates back to vedic period, where education was limited to Vedas and Upanishads. Brahmins were taught scriptures and religion. Kshatriyas learnt about warfare. The vaishyas were given teachings about commerce and other vocational activities. And the least of all, Shudras, supposedly, were denied any access to education. Infusion of Islamic education during Mughal era reshaped the process of imparting knowledge where the disciples were exposed to a diverse medium of education. Ashrams and Gurukuls were prominent sources of early education in India. And with the inclusion of various other institutions of teachings, including Islamic, Buddhist and even European ones, the form of education went through radical changes.

The crux of education in history has always been religion. With the advent of colonialism in our country, the education system went through a major transformation. With the setting up of Missionary schools across India, during colonial period, Vedas and Upanishads suddenly started to seem too vague to be implemented into real life.

Major universities were set up during the colonial era by the British in India, which catered to various studies involving administration, engineering as well as science. Education system of India owes a certain tributary to the British in this aspect, for inculcating such system of education in India, which undeniably, has been the most successful so far.

Currently, the education system of our country is provided by Public sector and Private Sector, where central and state boards provide the 10+2+3 pattern of education. With the recent inclusion of CCE in CBSE boards, the governing body in education system is thinking more than ever to take the pressure off from a child. The redundant chalk and talk method should be replaced by creativity infused knowledge which helps a student implement his knowledge into real life. Since the Vedic period, history of education has undergone various changes. And today, in India, it surely has reached to a point where creativity and knowledge can go simultaneously together only if education is effectively put into use.

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