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Preparation for Upcoming exams



There comes a time in our life when we withdraw from any social activity and surrender ourselves to the fate by reclining in solitude. And no other time than the one which awaits upcoming exams suffices this state of an individual. We all have been subjected to an abhorrent phase or phases where several hours of chronic rote learning followed by sleepless nights before exams had triggered our inner restless beast to cope with the upcoming exams pressure. Though, no matter how much proficient a student is with the preparation, the fear of upcoming exams get’s on everyone’s nerves. However, once a student becomes willing enough to decode the exam fear, the rest becomes assured. Here are some tips and tricks to overcome the Exam fright which can assure a soothing experience while preparing for any exam.

Prepare Well-

This is the ultimate layman’s guide to restore faith in preparation. By far, the easiest and foremost step to avoid exam jitters is ‘preparing well’ for the upcoming exams. Books for upcoming exams are the bible for any student until the time when the upcoming exam finally comes. The only saving grace for any student is the same text book which seems to be a black spot in the eye for the entire academic curriculum. Preparation in a definitive manner is the key to success and somehow, a good amount of preparation is the best defense for exam fright.

Formulate a proper study schedule-

What seems to be a daunting task few days before the exams can be dealt with ease if only one knew the beauty of studying consistently throughout the year. Forming a proper time table for every day studying is much better than putting it off until a few days are left for exams. Form an effective time table dividing the entire study time in a way which utilizes each subject perfectly. Give time to each and every subject as per the requirements and religiously follow books for upcoming exams as no other book than the textbook itself is the ultimate savior for you.

In a Healthy body, stays a healthy mind-

Proper sleeping and eating habits are a pre-requisite to higher concentration ability in a student. Hence, to cut long story short, minimum 6 hours of sleep followed by a perfectly synchronized eating habits are just appropriate enough for a student to study well. Besides, a little walk in the park or some regular stretches once in a day won’t harm you. Meditation has been a great help for avoiding unnecessary pre-exam-jitters and the age old exercise of ‘breathe in-hold-breathe out’ is one of the many ways to calm the nerves.

Classroom diaries-

In order to avoid the unnecessary chaotic running around the teachers before exams, one must be attentive enough throughout the curriculum so as to keep note of whatever the teacher has said all throughout. Making sticky notes while attending classes proves to be of great help during revision time. This way, a student can pick out the problem areas and refer to the books for upcoming exams.

Above all, more than anything else, exams mustn’t be confused with the sole career builders. However, these prove to be a perfect yardstick for deciding the future course of action in one’s career.

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