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Tips & Tricks to Crack UPSC 2020

UPSC exam 2016 preparation is the most crucial action for the aspirant preparing for civil services. CSAT is going to be held in May 2020. It is time to be ready with the tips to do well in upcoming Exam. Disha publication shares with you tips and tricks to do well in IAS prelim that carries  CSAT paper 1 and CSAT paper 2.

1. Clear your basics: It is the issue of primary importance. It required to bring clarity in concept rather than simply cramming the data. The IAS prelims exam 2020 is just two months away. Candidates must devote good time in understanding the basics of the concepts they are not clear with.

  1.  Revise twice before the exam: Plan your studies carefully. Adequate time should be kept for revision. Both General Studies and Aptitude sections should be revised at least twice, one week before the exam.
  1.  Ecology, environment, art, and culture needs focus: A large portion of exams is covered with questions come from ecology, environment and art & culture. These areas should be prepared in detail and thoroughly.

4. Prepare for Science & Technology:   Science & Technology should be covered by National news sources. Important developments in the mentioned areas are often asked in the exam.

  1.   Mock test papers: Candidates must solve mock tests and previous year  CSAT papers available at Disha publication’s “Ticket to IAS”. This practice will increase the candidates’ confidence, accuracy and speed significantly.

6. Consult NCERT books for subjects like History, Geography: In order to learn the basic concepts that are required to clear CSAT, NCERT books would lay a strong foundation.

7. Revision is the key to success: Since very less time is left for you to attempt the exam, it is recommended that you focus on revising what you have read than reading 10 books just once.

CSAT focuses on testing your memorizing power. It is important to focus on your revision process. Your revision is going to decide your success and failure if you have already covered your syllabus.

8. Never pick up a new topic on the eve of examination.

9. Don’t engage yourself with any confusing question or complex problem on the eve of the examination.

10. Rely on your prior preparation. That will help you retain confidence and help you in your performance in IAS prelims exam


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