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Indian Navy Recruitment 2020 | Online Application & Exam Dates

Indian Navy Recurement 2020

Indian Navy Recruitment 2020: The Indian Navy invites eligible unmarried-male-candidates to an online application as sailors for artificer apprentice (AA) & Senior Secondary Recruits (SSR), for August 2020 batch.

The information for the recruitment is updated on the official website www.joinindiannavy.gov.in.

Eligibility & Vacancies for Indian Navy Recruitment 2020

Listed below are the eligibility conditions for India Navy Recruitment 2020:

1. The candidate should be an unmarried male candidate and should fulfill the conditions laid down by the Govt. of India, for the post of sailors for AA & SSR for 500 & 2200 [2700] Vacancies. This is for the August 2020 batch.

2. Educational Qualification for the various posts:

education and qualification for indian navy
  1. AA: Candidates should be 10+2 passed with 60% or more in total aggregates for Maths & Physics, and should at least one of these subjects: Chemistry/Biology/Computer Science for the board recognized by the Government of India.
  2. SSR: Candidate should be 10+2 passed with Maths and Physics, and at least one of these subjects chemistry/biology/Computer Science from the recognized boards of Govt. Of India.

3. Age: Candidates should have been born between- 01 August 2000 to 31 July 2003.

How to Apply for Indian Navy 2020 & Dates

Follow the below-given steps to apply for the Indian Navy 2020. Candidates can apply ONLINE ONLY.  Here are the simple steps to apply for this Recruitment 2020:

  • Visit the official website www.joinindiannavy.gov.in  from 08 Nov 2019 to 18 Nov.2019.
  • Get ready your mark sheet as per the qualification required.
  • Register with your Email-ID
  • Fill the Application Form
  • Upload your Scanned documents, and good photographs as per the size prescribed
  • Click on Submit Button once it is done.

Of Careers and Jobs

The voyage to a never ending struggle to get the right career followed by a job that you would love to wake up for every morning starts pretty much sooner than you would realize. Yes, you heard it right. A child is born into this world only to get into the ‘rat race’ of seeking a Job and Career for about 30 percent of his/her life and the rest depends on how well he/she utilized that 30 percent. Well it’s never been easy to get a five-figure-pay and knowing how to get it in the first place. There’s always some place for different careers you want to pursue in life. You could be an artist and roam in the streets of Paris looking for Inspiration or be an astronaut (most likely if you are a five year old!) there are many career choices you could pick for life though most of the people are stuck in the dilemma of what their parents want them to be and then what they themselves want to be.

Lucky are those who are headstrong enough to decide their career choices without anyone poking their nose into it. Once you are done with deciding your prospective career choices and justifying your cause to your ‘Engineer/doctor/government job seeking parents’, 50 percent of your work is done.

Now what comes after is the spirit and ambition to turn your goals into possible career and get a job that you love. India is one such country where every single parent seeks their child’s career into the shrines of ultimate god of education, which is Science and Engineering. Anything less than that seems like a matter of agony to them.

Engineering and medical colleges (with a special mention of IIT and AIIMS here) are the education Mecca to all engineering and medical students. Students aspiring to get into such colleges not only burn their midnight oil but also their social life down to its core only to get a seat there and may be a job somewhere after that. But who knows whether one would get their best job of life just because they got into one of the reputed colleges of India? What if it never worked? What if. These two words are sufficient enough to send chills down your spine. What if this is not what I had wanted in life is what most people in their late twenties ask to themselves, majorly because they had listened to what their parents/relatives/teachers/society wanted them to be.

Well, a few free souls are also out there who had made certain decisions about their lives and careers and whether they failed or not are not what would concern them. At least they listened to their inner voice and that’s what is important to avoid the ‘rat-race’ notion. Finding your own golden spot might take time but once you discover it, there is no stopping you.

Try.Fail.Try again.Fail better-Samuel Beckett

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