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Leakage of examination questions using Whatsapp came into light at DU

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The examination system of Delhi University is under distrust once again as in less than 15 days as A matter of suspected leakage of examination questions using Whatsapp came into light in Delhi University after Six students of an associated college(Sri Guru Tegbahadur Khalsa college) were purportedly caught with images of a biology test paper on their smart phones. The police returned the smartphones to the college without looking into the matter makes the whole episode even more puzzling. The college is blaming the DU; the university administration says the problem is needed to be solved at the college level.

The administration of SGTB Khalsa College in the North Campus of DU caught six students inside the college premises with images of the zoology paper on their smartphones On Monday who were not examinees.  The exam started at 9.30 am and they caught around 10.30am.

According to an invigilator on job, the invigilators covered the students out of the examination room using cell phones and they had images of the question paper on WhatsApp. The matter was communicated with Maurice Nagar police and DU’s central examination branch and additionally one more student was caught inside the exam hall using unfair means while appearing in the exam.

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