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IIT JEE Preparation Made Easy through 37 years Solved Papers

How to prepare for IIT JEE Exams


Preparations for IIT-JEE is no big deal for those who study 25 hours a day (yes, you heard it right!). To get into one of the most prestigious institutes of India, that is IIT, is no less than a nightmare given the gruesome task to outperform thousands of aspirants who apply for IIT-JEE with as much dedication as you do.

With an enormous load of syllabus to prepare, some of you might possibly drop the idea of cracking IIT-JEE until your parent/ relative/ friend or a successful IIT graduate reminds you of the prestige and ‘social acceptance’ an engineer gets in the society.
Thus, any student who aspires to become an engineer automatically aspires to get into IITs. Of course there are other engineering institutions like NITs, BITS, VIT and WIT but what IIT is to engineering is same as what an Engineer is to Indian Parents.

The preparation time for each student might vary considering other critical things like CBSE boards exams, keeping up with school life (if one’s preparing for IIT-JEE simultaneously as well). The heavy syllabus of IIT needs to be comprehended well and one of the many existing options is solved papers of previous IIT entrance exams.

Disha Publication, for that matter, provides 37 years solved papers of IIT entrance exams with detailed solution of each and every question which have been provided for 100 percent conceptual clarity of the student. Well elaborated detailed solutions with simple language have been provided at the end of each chapter. This book shows the trend of the paper over the past years – helps in understanding the examiner’s psyche to understand what to expect and what not to expect in the exam. A step-by-step solution to each and every question has been provided so that you will get the most out of it. The various types of questions are categorized separately within each Topic/ chapter.

Forming a structure in your preparation might solve many problems and 37 years solved Papers by Disha Publication has made sure that you find patterns of IIT exams which are significant enough to pay attention to, at least once.

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