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AIPMT Exams – How to crack it

And so it starts when a child is born into an Indian family and thereon, incessantly inculcated with the notion of becoming a doctor and engineer. Becoming either a doctor or an engineer is the only ‘chaste’ choices a child can have. Though, there are some who DO love the institution of science and medicine a bit too much than having to choose any other notable career (as if there’s any). Being a doctor does not only add a prefix ‘Dr’ to one’s name, but also testifies to the fact that this mere connotation is a result of invariable hard work mixed with a constant sincerity injected into studies for months.

AIPMT BOOKS for Preparation
AIPMT BOOKS for Preparation

Almost every aspiring medical student in India knows how much value AIPMT holds as it’s the golden gateway to enter into one of the best medical colleges of India.

The All India Pre Medical Test (AIPMT) is a yearly entrance exam conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)-Delhi, for admission to MBBS and BDS courses in various medical colleges across the country. The examination consists of one paper containing 180 objective type questions from physics, chemistry and biology. These are multiple choice questions which cover class 11th and class 12th syllabus. Physics and Chemistry part comprises of 45 questions each and Biology covers 90 questions.

Given thousands of students applying for AIPMT every year, the odds to get into a good medical institute become quite slim. However, the difference between the odds to crack AIPMT exams and not being able to crack it is ‘How and how much’ you prepare for it. Dismantle each concept to its core. Be it physics, chemistry or biology. Start from the scratch. Take up NCERT books and pin those topics which you find complicated. Work on them first and then go on further with another concept. Prepare your time schedule 12 months prior to the set date. Mostly, one prepares a time schedule 6-7 months before the exam and thus finds it quite tough to stick to that. And once adapting to the time schedule becomes easy, it’s too late. Divide all 3 subjects precisely. Biology portion covers 50 percent of the question paper. Thus, make sure that you give twice as much time to biology content as you give to chemistry and physics both. Once you are done with all the concepts, start revising class 11 syllabus first and move to class 12 syllabus only when you are finished with class 11 syllabus entirely. Go through solved papers which are available in the market. Solve them every day without ever missing out a single day until the exam date.

AIPMT surely might give you nights laden with endless coffee sessions to keep you awake, but imagine what if it all pays off and you get one of the best reputed colleges of India.

And one must never forget this golden rule while applying for AIPMT, ‘carelessness a day, keeps the ‘Dr’ away.’

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