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Students to display English language skills

Students to display English language skills

About 25 children and adults undergoing pioneering course in functional English grammar, developed by the independent educator M S Renjith, will demonstrate their language skills before the academic community in Azhikode village.

Well-known academician R V G Menon, Director of the Centre for adult continuing education and extension (CACEE) from the University of Kerala K R Supriya, N C Haridas Malayalam Aikya Vedi and M Shajarkhan-India save education Committee will be among the panel that will appraise students.

This is the second stage Renjith enlightening experiment on functional grammar takes place. This time, the adults were also included along with children of school age. Functional grammar training course and its accomplishment was first reported in 2013.

Public school students in Vilappil Grama panchayath were inoculated with approximately 42 hours of grammar lessons in the first phase. In the open forum, these students put plus II students and even students in English literature far behind from the point of view of English grammar.

After frequent requests, the education Minister P K Abdu slave ordered the then Director of public instruction (DPI) to look Renjith in teaching methodology.

Director of Public Instruction asked the district centre: English (DCE) to oversee gives a course in public schools in Manacaud and Peroorkada.

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