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Choice Based Credit System replaced percentage score in Delhi University

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The joint registrar of Delhi University has decided to use the University Grants Commission’s Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) in scoring in examinations in place of percentage score. The Joint Registrar of academics in DU informed all the colleges On April 29 that they must kick their preparation off to implement CBCS from the next educational session.

The decision emerged following a meeting between the deans of the colleges and the Vice-Chancellor of DU, Dinesh Singh on April 23 in which the Executive Council of the university affiliated to to go ahead with CBCS for 19 B.A and B.Sc courses.

Regarding this, a letter has been sent to the all colleges asking them to introduce the syllabus according to the guidelines of the UGC. All rules and regulations, model curriculum and syllabus structure has been made available on the official website of the UGC.

A few months ago, the faculties of DU colleges objected the implementation of the CBCS, saying that it will be difficult for the University to accommodate with three different systems for each academic year- CBCS in the first year, semester system in the second year and the FYUP in the third year.

According to the UGC, whose key plan is the opening of choice based credit system to allow students to transfer across universities in India and overseas also. This system will be no character translation problem or discrepancy scheme in scoring among universities. This enables students to choose courses that they love to learn at their own pace, to take additional courses for additional credits and adopt an interactive approach to learning.

The UGC has taken a number of steps to improve the efficiency and excellence in higher education, and this has led to significant improvements in the standards of education. But as a consequence of the universities in India after evaluating various systems, students experience the receipt of their credentials across the University system, as well as employment agencies.

In order to solve this problem, guidelines for the adoption of a unified credit system have been proposed. The credits obtained by students can be transferred and this would help them in case they need to migrate from one College to another.

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