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A Quick Guide to Increase your Speed in Exams

How to increase your speed in Exams


Remember the last time you appeared for an exam and hurried your way to cover each section with all your might until you fell short of ‘Just 5 minutes’. Yes. This has happened at least once in your exam graph. Well, not to mention those who have enough time to spare in an exam owing to lack of their preparation, yet you’ll find a few fellows who do nothing during the entire exam yet seeking ‘5 minutes more’ after the exam time’s up seems a justification to their preparation.
Putting the ‘Superstition of Bargain Aside’, why is it that we always relish those extra minutes endowed upon by the exam invigilator more than rest of the exam duration?
Here’s the simple answer to that-‘Anything extra is a delight!’ besides that, ineffective time management is also one of the several causes of being unable to finish your paper on time. You might pass this as yet another ‘stereotyped exam jargon’ but it is time management and the subsequent lack of it which causes a student to say, ‘I NEED 5 MORE MINUTES OR I’LL FLUNK’. Some students have this impeccable ability to finish their exam paper right on time. While the odds are quite slim to find such students as they exist proportionately far less than those who can never finish their exam on time.
The key to the phenomenal satisfaction of completing your paper right on time and dashing your way out from the examination centre is Effective Time Management. Here are some points to remember while you appear for any exam and ensure that you finish your paper in time.
The first strategy to manage your time effectively is reading the entire question paper within 10 minutes of getting it. This way, you can pipeline those questions you are confident about and easily begin to answer them while you can leave the rest for the latter period.

After you are done reading the question paper, analyze which section would require relatively more time. And once you are settled with answering the easier ones which must be done in appropriately shorter period, try finishing the tougher ones in a limited time frame. Let’s just say, there’s a question on mental reasoning which is taking too much of your time. That’s when you must stop and move to next question. Allot your time wisely to each question and specifically to each section.

3.Hold your Nerves
Most of the time it happens that students get nervousness jitters and this eats up proportionately enough time while giving an exam. More than anything, an exam is a test of nerves and you must do anything to keep calm and this is possible through adequate hard work put into studies. Even if you do feel burdened with the exam fear while giving it, breathe in breathe out slowly and drink a glass of water and you are good to go.

Increasing the speed in an exam has everything to do with effectively allotting time to the exam paper and dividing it properly as per your requirements.

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