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Amazing Power of Super Conscious Mind



The beauty of your super conscious mind lies in the application toward your goals.

You have it. I have it. Everyone you know has it. What is it? It’s this infinite, universal, subconscious and powerful gift we’re blessed with. Most experts call it the “super-subconscious mind,” (higher level of thinking) although whatever you choose to call it, it is as available to you at this very instant as it has been to anyone, anywhere!

The origin of all creativity comes from the super conscious mind. The super conscious mind was used by all of the great inventors, writers, artists, business people, scientists and composers on a regular basis.

Michael Angelo was known to have said that he would see his completed sculpture in the block of marble before he began chiseling away at it. He simply needed to chip around his vision.

The beauty of your super conscious mind lies in the application toward your goals. When you are striving and working toward a goal of your own choosing, your super conscious mind will provide you the continuous flow of ideas and positive energy to help you move closer to your goal. KEY POINT: Your super conscious mind functions best when you have a confident and calm mindset. Your subconscious mind automatically and continually solves every problem on the way to your goal as long as your goal is clear, concise and you believe in it fully.

REMEMBER THIS: When you get a hunch or an inspiration about the direction of your goal you must act on it immediately. This is when your super conscious mind is speaking to you, based on the time-dated material you entered at an earlier time. You see, when you adopt an attitude of calmness and confidence about your goals everything that happens to you can only bring you closer to your goal, your dream!

The truth is, “You become what you think.” Emerson wrote, “A person becomes what he thinks about most of the time.” KEY POINT: Successful people think and talk about what they want. Unsuccessful people talk about what they don’t want. The super conscious mind is so powerful that it is working all the time and you will get what you think about most of the time!!

 “Whether you think you can do something or think you can’t, you’re right!”

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