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CBSE wants to know about the students view


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has now decided to put up a questionnaire on the official website of CBSE as it wants know about the students’ view regarding the school’s infrastructure, functioning and teaching. “The main purpose of this step is to obtain feedback from its students directly about their schools’ teaching methodology and the boards’ curriculum quality so as to strengthen the same” stated a newspaper reports.

Now the students are required to fill up the online feedback form on the official website, by giving their honest opinion and their suggestions too. This measure is taken up to develop new education policies by getting the feedback from all its stakeholders.

This measure is taken up by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD).

Only the students of Classes 5th to 12th are allowed to rate their school and give their suggestions for improvement in the teaching content.

The questionnaire of Class 5th to 8th and Class 9th to 12th are different from each other. There will 22 questions in each questionnaire and students are required to fill in the details like their name, class and school details in it.

The Board has assured that the questionnaire will be confidential. Students are requested to be completely honest and expressive while filling the form so that some serious action can be taken for the improvement.

The CBSE board said, “CBSE promotes inclusive education for children with special needs. A special educator, psychologist, psychiatrist, physiotherapist, speech therapist, mobility instructor and caregivers are the resource persons who can assist in inclusive education. CBSE invites resource persons to provide their details in online form.”

Questionnaire Pattern

  • First part – Details about the student (Name, Location of School, Distance between Home and School)
  • Second part – Level of safety in specific areas of the school like playground, corridors, classrooms and toilet are compulsory.
  • Third part – Whether their school provides infrastructure for those who are differently abled.
  • Fourth part – Whether the teaching content used in the class is interesting and useful or not.

It is not mandatory for all the students to fill the form of feedback but the students who are willing, have to fill up and submit the form by October 5.

Karnataka to make changes in the RTE rules to teach in Kannada

Having suffered a series of legal setbacks, the Karnataka government has decided to amend the rules concerning the right of children to free and compulsory education (RTE) act 2009 to make Kannada medium of instruction up to class 5. Bill will be introduced in the Parliament in the beginning of the session on Monday.

The Cabinet unanimously decided on Thursday to amend the Karnataka right of children to free and compulsory education rules, 2012, issued in accordance with state policy. The curative petition is pending in the Supreme Court order on medium of instruction.

The Cabinet took the decision after the SC quashed the state government policy on Kannada, which should be compulsory medium of instruction in primary schools. Later, the court overturned the petitions, forcing the government file a curative petition.

Now, the government is faced with the rejection of the curative petition seeking relook in some aspects he was raised, but were not considered in the SC final verdict on language policy.

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