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Last Week of IIT JEE 2015 preparation: Tips and ways to master Mathematics

IIT- JEE main 2015 Math preparation tips

Most of the IIT JEE aspirants consider Mathematics to be a subject that can provide them with a competitive edge in IIT JEE exams which is 100% correct. Scoring high in Mathematics requires a complete mastery of key concepts and practices. Therefore, it is imperative for a serious IIT JEE aspirants would be familiar with the fundamental concepts of Mathematics to D-day.

→Make your fundamental concepts strong and clear:

By this time you must have a solid Conceptual framework, along with the skills to solve problems, you need a good ability and lengthy calculations. As the question paper pattern is very unpredictable, students should practice All question types, as objective, subjective, assertion-reason multiple matching, etc.

This helps in creating a good conceptual understanding along with speed and precision. Especially for mathematics, you need to be very comfortable with the involvement of several concepts in one question. For example, “permutations and combinations” and “probability” go hand in hand. Many issues can be manufactured involving both of these topics.

→Pay attention to your Strong areas as far as possible:

Special emphasis should be laid on certain topics in mathematics. In “vector algebra”, the concept of vector and scalar triple products is very important and quite scoring as well. The parametric form is one of the most useful tools in solving problems of this subject. ‘Quadratic equation’ is also quite important.

Full knowledge of the fundamental properties concerning the nature of the roots etc are very useful. Progression and series” is unquestionably one of the easiest and consequently the most scoring subject of IIT JEE mathematics. ‘Differential and integral calculus’ is also very important and All formulas in this section should be on your hands. Geometric interpretation of the derivative is one of the most important topics and, therefore, should be focused on in fact well. It is desirable to revise the entire curriculum before the exam to hone your competitive advantage.

→Smart preparation:

It is highly desirable that students should solve previous years IIT JEE exam papers. They should also practice by solving various mock tests in a certain period of time, coinciding with IIT JEE examination hours. It is very important to adjust your biological clock is such that you are able to work most effectively at inspection time. So if you are a nocturnal Type of person, it’s time to change your habits and learn mostly in the daytime.

Take your notes and review all the formulas and go through all the difficult challenges that really test your idea or have any special focus. Last but not least, it is very important that you take good care of your health, keep calm and stay confident. Meditation is one of the best ways to calm your mind from anxious thoughts. Allow yourself time to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Get enough sleep at least 6 hours a day.

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Decoding MADamatics

easy methods to solve maths

Except for the 0.0003 percent population on earth, rest of the mankind is as much exasperated with this subject called mathematics as an engineering student is, with his life. Mathematics is one mighty boulder which a student is asked to unwillingly heave for his/her entire school life. And at the end of it, basically, a calculator acts as a saving grace to deal with real-life mathematical situations like groceries and investments. Nevertheless, the expectations from Pythagoras theorem and algebra boil down to dwindling realities where unless you are an astronaut or an engineer, mathematics of this kind is, in no way, applicable in real-life. Yet, it is this subject which causes a radical shift in overall grades causing a student to either leap forward by getting straightaway into IITs of India or seek refuge in private universities.

Well, most of us have our own terribly whiny tales to share when it comes to Mathematics as no other subject has caused collective flunking in every grade as much as this abhorrent subject has. Though some bright kids who have relentlessly outshone the entire class with their extra clean answer sheets and to top it all, even more cleaner marks, would disagree with this fact to their hearts’ content.

There must be that one trump card which solves the affliction of Math Lovers and haters alike, which is why we have assembled a few tricks to help you solve your ‘Mess’amatical problems.

Teacher’s Call-

This is the top most solution to any aggravated mathematical Question/concern. Teachers propagate Mathematical problems and so, naturally, they must provide meaningful answer/s to the mathematical problems. Never hesitate to point your problems and keep on asking until your problem is solved. Somehow, many are too shy to come out with their mathematical problems fearing lashing from teachers, though all such fears must be kept aside and no other human than the one who came up with mathematical concepts in class can make you understand better. Go ahead. Shed your fear. Ask.

Build a solid Foundation-

Mathematics has been a subject which works on cumulative principles. You need to hold a strong base so as to make it easier for other concepts to jam well with the previous ones. As new concepts are built upon previous ones, it becomes necessary to ensure that the basics are well covered.


Unlike the subjects which you can pass off easily with rote learning, mathematics is one such practical subject that you must never forget to practice every day. Practice makes a man perfect, though what lessens this age-old adage is the fact that practice should be done every day, and especially when one is talking about mathematics. The more you practice, the better you become in handling Number-logics.


Yep, you heard it just right. Flowchart is the key to mild satisfaction on exactly what you have achieved, so far, in Maths. Prepare a flowchart of various formulas and locate them as per your grasp on each concept. That is, the ones which are easier to solve can be placed at one place and the intricate ones can be put to another place. This way, you can remind yourself easily about the difficult areas of questions and work on them.

Choose the right study Material-

Along with the usual NCERT books which the school provides, look out for some help materials which have a comprehensive set of questions along with the detailed analysis of concepts. This way, you can work on the loopholes and get the best preparation done from Study Materials.

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