5 Things to Do to Be Ready/Prepared for Board Exams

CBSE board exam tips

The board exam season is here as class 10 and 12 board exam date-sheets have been announced and students are leaving no stone unturned for the preparation for the same. To score well in boards is every student’s aspiration so that they can get into the colleges they had targeted. To achieve the same we bring to you tips and tricks to tackle the board exams and improve your score –

  • TIME MAPPING – it is very important for board exams takers to have ample time in their hands. Time need for preparation for each subject can be separated into different days of the week and then when the exams approach subject wise dissection in hourly study sessions will work best for the student.
  • VERBAL LEARNING – a student will grasp more if they speak the material they want to learn out loud. This is a very effective memory retention technique helping in remembering important theoretical topics. This can be achieved by teaching others the same topic. Or, it can be through mirror learning in which you dictate the material to yourself.
  • BREAK TIME – it is very important to give your mind and body adequate resting periods. Break time ensures that your mind is refreshed for another study session and our body has had enough change to not become stiff. Break time helps a student have a clear view of the subject at hand and a change at adequate intervals brings about a healthy routine of exam preparation.
  • PREPARE SIMILARLY – This means it is an absolute essential aspect before taking any exam that you prepare for it by doing practice tests in the same format in which you will be giving the test in. The format of the test is what will build your exam answering technique and help you map your time according to the sections in the exam. It will also give you an idea of mark wise distribution of questions and hep you concentrate on the type of answers needed to score well.

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  • READ RELEVANT MATERIAL – many books give an overview of the subjects and topics which come in your board exams and may hamper your learning by not focusing on topic specific preparation. It is important for you to read and study from material which will give you accurate information on topics which have the possibility of coming in your exam. Practicing sample papers is one of the best ways to know what kind of questions may come in the exams what topics are to be studied to what extent.

Books catering to your subjects made in a pattern which is crafted in tandem with the board exam of class 10 and class 12 are your best bet.

Board exams are a stressful time for the students and it is very important for you to believe that you can score well and have faith in yourself.  Follow the above mentioned tricks to prepare for the exams.

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Best of luck for your exams!

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