Tips & Tricks to Crack CAT 2018 in Two Months (60 Days)

tips & tricks to crack cat 2018

CAT is a national-level exam for management colleges and it is just 60 days away. Every year, it is conducted by one of the IIM’s on a rotational basis. Common Admission Test works as a gateway ticket to all 20 IIMs and other top B-schools in India. More than 2 lakh candidates are expected to take CAT 2018 Exam. IIM Calcutta will conduct the exam this year and it is expected that few changes are likely to be made in the paper pattern.

Considering the time for Common Admission Test preparation and avenues open to the preparation of the exam, one needs to know important CAT preparation tips. First, it is important to understand how to prepare for this exam at home with the help of right books and other appropriate CAT study material. Preparing with abundantly available good CAT preparation material all over the inline sources, it becomes difficult to pick and choose.

Here, we help to make decisions objectively and take advantage of freely available preparation facility online which offers CAT practice papers, well-researched books and free CAT Mock test 2018 that can hone your preparation and give you abundant opportunities to surpass all the hurdles and secure seat in one the oldest IIMs in the country.


Only 60 days left and insufficient preparation? You still have time. It may sound a little crazy, but it is true. Do not get mind boggled. Many CAT toppers are of the opinion that Common Admission Test preparation time of two months is enough to bell the examination.  A CAT topper with 99.99 percentile and student of MBA 2017-18 batch at FMS Delhi is of the opinion that MBA aspirants should study effectively even if they study less. With this approach, even 2 months are good enough to score 99 percentile, provided you are sincere enough.


  • Give dedicated attention to CAT Exam Quiz, Mock tests, different types of questions as appeared in exam, practice papers and past year solved papers.
  • Don’t forego any CAT Mock Test without analyzing it
  • Take help of CAT preparation and go through the Books, CAT preparation material and make sure that you have gone through the sectional as well as an overall quiz and practice tests in these CAT preparation books.
  • In the hind side, always remember that there are some strong areas hidden in your weak areas and similarly some weak areas within your strong areas. Focus on all the weak areas and dedicate yourself to improve them. Always stress on your strengths you and improve them further.


  • Intelligent guessing:

Test the alternatives one by one for the correctness of certain questions. Some answer options may just strike you as wrong when you first read them. Don’t discard such intuition; your learning from the Mock Tests is so ingrained that it is possible your mind unconsciously recognizes a certain type of sum.

  • Standard Disclaimer: Do not get stuck with a particular question. Candidates don’t let go off questions either because they feel that-

(a) It’s impossible that they cannot crack a problem or

(b) After having spent precious minutes on a problem, a few more minutes will definitely get them to answer.

(c)Timing yourself and sticking to your time limits is the key to succeed in CAT. Show consistent performance in all sections of CAT.

  • Consistency: Stick to the strategy which you had already created, this gives the sense of familiarity and it’s likely that candidates would not feel any different while giving the test. CAT is known to surprise its aspirants if in case there are some unpleasant surprises, then candidates can dilute their strategy and work through it without freaking out.
  • Time Management: Keep a track of time. Again time is the most important aspect, candidates should divide time section wise in such a manner that any section does not go neglected. At the same time, candidates should not keep looking at the timer, this will only increase the anxiety. 
  • Composure: Candidates should also not panic if some questions are taking a few more seconds, one should be self-assured to compensate that with investing less time in some easy questions. Even if candidates are capable of answering all the questions, yet question selection should be wise keeping the time investment in mind, as later on, it might reflect on the final scores.
  • Focus: Candidates should keep an eye on the options, which means one should not over calculate. There should be a sufficient amount of evaluation. Candidates should remember to mark the correct option even after getting the right answer.
  • Confidence: Candidates should not lose hope in mid way if a question is difficult for one person than it’s probable that everyone is facing the same situation.

Mark your calendar now! Two months from now, you will see yourself sitting in the examination hall, writing CAT exam. Each day from now on is precious to decide your future and career growth in the business management. Disha Publication wishes you well. For more insights and knowledge, visit Disha publication website.

Best of luck guys!!

Be determined to bell the CAT.

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