UGC to set up teacher education centre in BHU

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UGC has taken decision to establish an Inter-University hub (IUC) for teacher education at Banaras Hindu University. An expense of over Rs 60 crore has been purposed for IUC. Prime Minister Narendra Modi comes from Varanasi Lok Sabha.

The full programme for the meeting was decided on December 22   and UGC prepared the Memorandum of Association about the planned IUC. The IUC council includes UGC joint secretary Manju Singh, NCTE chairperson Santosh Panda, university registrar KP Upadhyay, BHU VC GC Tripathi, HRD secretary Satya N Mohanty, UGC chairperson Ved Prakash and vice-chairperson H Devaraj, Secretary Jaspal S Sandhu.

UGC said the planned IUC in BHU is being established in accordance with the recommendations made by AK Sharma, former NCERT director who is the head of the committee. UGC feels the need of addressing demography and teacher education requirements of the northern and eastern states of the country by means of an institutional mechanism on precedence and that is why setting up of another IUC for teacher education is a reasonable decision.

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