UK to kick out foreign graduates after Accomplishment of study

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The UK is a favorite destination of foreign students for getting higher education. But, now UK’s Home Secretary Theresa has plans to send foreign students back once they complete their graduation.

According to the plan, graduates from non-European Union countries will have to leave the UK once they finish their studies and then apply for work visa in place of being able to apply for one while living in Britain.

A source close to the Home Secretary issued the statement that this plan is aimed at making sure that immigrants go away from Britain at the end of their visa.  Additionally, the government would fine colleges and universities if they breach the law.

May took decision after the report published by the Office for National Statistics showed 121,000 non-EU students came into the UK but merely 51,000 left in the year to June and the business department estimated that number of foreign students coming to the UK will go up by 6% a year by 2020.

PM David Cameron’s government plans to decrease net yearly immigration from hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands by the next election, only six months away, though this now approximately definitely won’t be accomplished.

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