UPSC – Complete IAS Mains Syllabus

Syllabus - IAS Mains 2019

The IAS mains examination is for those Candidates who have qualified in the preliminary examination. The revised exam pattern for UPSC examination 2019 has 7+2= 9 papers, in the IAS mains exams. The examinations are descriptive. The uncounted two qualifying papers are:

  1. Any Modern Language- 300 marks
  2. English- 300 marks

The language preferred by the candidates ought to pick from that, which is in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution, for the mains examination. The total marks is 1750 (written) + 275 (interview)= 2025.

Of the optional subject, a candidate is permitted to take one from the list of the optional subjects. Find the particulars and details of the IAS mains syllabus 2019:

S no. Papers- IAS mains 2019 Details  Marks  Types
1 Paper A- Modern Indian Language ·         Comprehension on the passage given. 300 Essay and comprehension
·         Precise Writing
·         Usage and vocabulary
·         Short essay
·         Translation from English to Indian language or vice-versa
2 Paper B- ·         comprehension on the passage given 300 Essay and comprehension
English ·         Precise writing
·         Usage and vocabulary
·         Short essay
3 Paper I Write an essay on specific topic( own language choice) 250 Essay
4 Paper II ·         Indian Heritage and Culture 250 Essay
(General studies I) ·         History and Geography of the World and its society
5 Paper III Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International relations 250 Essay
(General studies II)
6 Paper IV Technology, Economic Development, Bio-diversity, Environment, Security and Disaster Management 250 Essay
(General studies III)
7 Paper V Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude 250 Case study(Essay)
(General studies IV)
8 Paper VI  Choose one subject of the many optional subjects 250 Essay
(Optional Subject I)
9 Paper VII Choose one subject of the many optional subjects 250 Essay
(Optional Subject II)
Interview / Personality Test 275 The candidates have the language preference to be interviewed




Expect for the papers A and B, the marks secured by the candidates are summed in the merit ranking by the UPSC. For further details on the qualifying marks find them on the official website

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