What Not to Do in the Exam Hall in NEET 2019?

What Not to Do in the Exam Hall in NEET

NEET Exams are in the corner, and students are engrossed with what to do in the exam.  Along with focus on the performances, there are ample to important things which should-not be done in the exam, to take you into success.

Here is the list of some important things, which should not be done by students in the exam hall.

Keep them in mind, and be prepared for the exam.

  1. Do not panic :

The thought of the exam, naturally brings stress or panic. As NEET exam is competitive and determines your next step in career studies, so the level of stress increases. Students should not take stress in the exam hall. Rather, keep calm and relax. Stress lessens the capacity of the brain to think out of the box, and eventually be hard to retrieve the facts you have stored.

  1. Do not Waste Time:

Time allotted in the exam hall is just the right amount fixed to solve the questions. Wasting time means, you have lesser time to complete the rest of the questions. And not being able to complete the questions will eventually shorten the scope for scoring high.  Hence, it is ideal not to waste a second of your time. Make the most out of the time allotted in the exam hall.

  1. Do not attempt Questions in sequence:

Attempting questions in sequence is ideal if you know all the questions with great surety. The perfect mode of approaching the questions is not to answer in order. This means, answer the questions which you are very sure of, and come to those questions which need additional focus. This will save your time, and give a cleaner clearance of the entire paper.

  1. Do not forget the negative marking:

NEET exam has negative marking for wrong answers. Hence, students have to be more careful before answering those questions which you are not sure of, as it will lead to reduction of marks. It is best to read the instructions well enough to be sure of the questions, and answers them if you are sure at it.

  1. Do not spend more time than planned on a particular question/section:

Often students have the tendency to give more time on certain questions needing solutions. As the questions are precisely objective, it is best not to spend more time than planned. If a question needs time, just go with the next question which needs less time to solve. This will give you more time to work on those questions requiring more time. You will be able to cover all the questions in this way. So, do not spend more time than planned, and fall the victim of regret.

  1. Do not be afraid to ask the examiner if you are not clear with questions:

Be quick to clarify with questions which are not clear. Most students are afraid, and keep their doubts to themselves. This limits the chance of scoring on those questions. A little input from the examiner can clear the doubts, and be the question to fetch you full marks.

  1. Do not hand over the Paper without Reviewing:

Most students have a tendency to hand over the paper without reviewing. The main purpose of reviewing is to check if you have attempted all the questions, and in the correct format. At most occasion reviewing helps to give a final touch of the answers. This will keep your paper well checked, and limit the silly mistakes, which otherwise would have placed you at the top of success.

  1. Do not compare yourself with others:

Exams are to access self and to prove one’s own ability to reproduce the things you have learnt. Most students find themselves comparing with others, which is not a healthy practice of a student. Comparing with others decreases the efficiency level in the exam. So, the most ideal thing is not to compare with others.

These aforementioned “don’ts” are the most basic things a student for NEET should avoid. If you keep these points in mind, there is a great possibility of clearing the exam with a high score, and get your dreams turned into a reality. Learn it and take success in your hand.

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