Breathing in Bodhi - the General Awareness/ Comprehension book - Attitude & Values/ Level 2 for the avid readers

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The paradigm shift in the field of education focuses on the development of life skills, attitudes and values. This was the prime focus which made us divide this series into two themes: LIFE SKILLS and ATTITUDES & VALUES.
Each theme strongly voices out in three levels - beginners, the avid readers and the experts making it a six book series.
The book "Breathing in Bodhi - the General Awareness/ Comprehension book - Attitude & Values / Level 2 for the avid readers" is the second of the three books based on the Attitude & Values theme.
• The book contains 30 fascinating stories about People, Places, Events, Ideas and Issues. The stories are further based on Attitude & Values - 15 each on Attitude and Values.
• The book aims at enhancing the comprehension skills along with augmenting the general awareness of children leading to the development of the Attitude & Values.
• The book is an honest attempt to trigger the young minds to think, explore and relate to the world around them.
• It makes them THINK, COMPREHEND AND ANALYSE. The articles given for the comprehension purpose are actually in sync to the real world.
• Each story has been elaborately discussed and is analysed by the following tools:
• Wordsmith - aims at developing the vocabulary and contextual usage of words.
• Finding the Fact - aims at developing the comprehension skills
• Extra Inning - gives an opportunity to the reader to explore the extra information related to the story.
• Reality Check - a platform to create opinions about the various issues related to the story.
• Only when the reader is in a position to generate thoughts/ opinions about a given situation/ issue then only he is in a position to provide a real solution model.
• This series is a must have for people who not only want to build in their reading habit and develop their vocabulary but also want to enroot an eye for comprehending, analyzing and transforming their approach from problem finders towards becoming PROBLEM SOLVERS by reinforcing the power of Attitude & Values.


  1. The Tibeto- Chinese Conflict
  2. Do we need smaller states?
  3. The Pertinence of Mahatama Gandhi Today
  4. Unearthing the Black Money
  5. Destination Singapore- Where the world becomes one!!!
  6. Responding to Catastrophe- Disaster Management
  7. Who’s watching what you eat?- Genetically Engineered Food
  8. Sowing Seeds of thoughts
  9. Paparazzi and Tabloids
  10. Joint Family or Nuclear Family- And the debate continues…..
  11. Hockey India League: An attempt to fix the block
  12. Ever Increasing Road Rages
  13. A Cosmic Science called Astrology
  14. Online Shopping: Happiness delivered at your doorstep
  15. Tihar: Extracting Humanity from Brutality
  16. Right to Education- Learning today for a better tomorrow
  17. The four noble truths of Buddhism
  18. Preserving the treasure of ancient glory
  19. Presenting the Global Choice
  20. The Camouflaged Business- The business of religion
  21. Things you must know about Brazil
  22. India- The endless discovery
  23. The world of communications
  24. Health is stealth
  25. The Green Revolution
  26. The PETA Principle
  27. Law is the same for all- Celebrity Trials
  28. The Glamour of Oscar
  29. Empowering the Untrained
  30. The girl who told the story- Anne Frank


Author Name Disha Experts
ISBN 9789384583514
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Pages 248
Publisher Disha Publication
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