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  1. CTET Practice Workbook Paper 1 (10 Solved + 10 Mock papers) 5th Edition
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In India, Millions of students complete their graduation every year and enter into the job market to pursue their life goals. A large number of students, living in different parts of the country prepare for different competitive, entrance and recruitment exams to get selected for their desired post in the selected Industry. Employability of graduates largely depends on their performance in the exam they sit for.

 A large chunk of students in India prepare for the exam living in small villages, towns and countryside areas where on good and quality study materials are hardly available. Thus, village students prepare for the competitive exams with their own perception and in most of the cases, they don’t have the knowledge of the details of the post they are applying for, the syllabus and books required for the preparation of the exam.

Also, there is huge lack of qualified teachers in rural India who could help students to prepare the competitive exams in the right direction and let them now the necessary tricks and strategies to crack the exam successfully.

Luckily, with the rapid spread of global internet in different parts of India, the lack of  the problem of proper study materials for the preparation of competitive exams  have a lot been sorted out.  In this direction, India’s leading book publishing house DISHA PUBLICATION is also making huge contributions honestly and sincerely.

 In a bid to eliminate the problem of lack of proper study materials for competition preparation, DISHA PUBLICATION offers the faculty of online browsing on its 24*7 live portal from all locations. On its portal, students can browse for books online to get the most relevant books through browsing books by profession such as bank exams, IIT JEE, Medical exams, several entrance exams and so on.  You can also browse books for buying it online on this portal all the time with free shipping and cash on delivery.

Our professional background is excellent as a large pool of expert authors are in business with us today. We have launched Browse for books and browse books by profession for the benefits of all aspirants and students preparing for different Competitive exams.

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