Class 6

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Kid Books for Class 6th Students

As one of the India’s leading book publishing house, DISHA PUBLICATION is committed to improving science, Math and English education of class 6 students through a series of unique and useful books designed to meet the study materials need of class 6 students.

DISHA PUBLICATION proudly offers Class 6 book, class 6 science, class 6 maths, class 6 maths ncert book and class 6th English book through the internet and via offline orders.  All these books have been carefully written by a panel of expert authors and are useful for class 6 students. These books have lots of features such as easy and simple language, ample diagrams, sufficient questions and MOCK TEST APPENDIX in the last section of the book for the preparation of the exam.

 With these books, students can bring learning to life both inside and outside the classroom and can dive deeper into a topic and have no problem while learning the subjects and solving questions after the study of their prescribed subjects.

 Class 6 books, class 6 Scienceclass 6 maths, class 6 maths ncert book, class 6th english book and class 6th English book have been written with an intention to help students to grasp the basics of different subjects and prepare them well for performing well in the exam.

 With these books students can easily focus their attention on the study of science, English and math as these books are easily available both online and offline. These books help students to excel their academic performance and to make all round progress in terms of education.