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BSNL Jr. Engineer (TTA) Exam Practice Sets | Disha

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ISBN : 9789386146281

Author : Disha Experts

Pages: 344

Publisher: Disha Publication

The book "BSNL TTA Exam Guide & Practice Workbook (Concept Notes + 2 Solved + 10 Practice Sets) 2nd Edition" has been specially designed to help students in the BSNL TTA exam.
Two fully solved past paper have been provided to guide you about the pattern and the level of questions asked. The book covers theory material for Basic Engineering and Specilization Section to help in the preparation.
It also contains 2 past papers and 10 Practice Sets as per the pattern. Each Practice Set is classified into 3 parts:
General Ability Test - This part have 20 questions
Basic Engineering - This part have 90 questions and
Specialization - This part have 90 questions.
The questions in each practice set have been carefully selected so as to give you a real feel of the exam. The book provides Response Sheet for each test. Post each test you must do a Post-Test Analysis with the help of the Test Analysis and Feedback Sheet which has been provided for each test.

Table of Contents
Section 1 - PHYSICS
1. Light-Reflection and Refraction
2. Human Eye and Colourful World
3. Electricity
4. Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
5. Sources of Energy
Section 2 - CHEMISTRY
6. Chemical Reactions and Equations
7. Acids, Bases and Salts
8. Metals and Non-Metals
9. Carbon and its Compounds
10. Periodic Classification of Elements
Section 3 - BIOLOGY
11. Life Processes
12. Control and Coordination
13. How do Organisms Reproduce
14. Heredity and Evolution
15. Our Environment
16. Management of Our Natural Resources
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