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Carbonyl Compounds for JEE Main & JEE Advanced (Study Package for Chemistry)

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The 4th book of the Organic Chemistry portion in the Study Package Chemistry for JEE Main and Advanced covers 5 chapters. The book also covers the past 5 year questions from 2013-2017. Some of the salient features of the revised edition are:
• The book aims at 100 percent Concept Clarity for the students. The theory is followed by in-chapter Exercises (Test Your Understanding), Illustrative Examples and 3 levels of Exercises.
• The first exercise is based on Mains exam covering single choice correct MCQs.
• The second exercise covers questions on the new pattern of IIT-JEE MCQs (more than 1 correct), Passages, Multiple Matching, Integer Answer and Assertion-Reason Type questions.
• More focus on questions based on concepts repeatedly asked in the exam.
• The final exercise covers quality subjective questions.
• The book provides solutions to most of the questions.

14- Aldehydes and ketones
16-Alpha, beta Unsaturated carbonyl compounds
17-Carboxylic acids
18-Functional derivatives of carboxylic acids

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