Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree, is a 5.5-years duration specialized degree course on medical science. MBBS course also comprises of 1-year Internship.

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) qualifying criteria need students to score at least 50% collective marks in their 12th or equivalent exams with Chemistry, Biology, and Physics as essential subjects. Good communication skill is a much requisite MBBS skill. The minimum age for MBBS aspirants is 17 years.

Access to MBBS is approved through the entrance examination which is NEET., MCI (The Medical Corporation of India) has retracted all the preceding MBBS exams and announced NEET as the only appropriate entrance exam for access to any private or government medical colleges for MBBS.

Medical books for Exam

Disha’s book for medical; is an unmatched study material to let students learn NCERT at their fingertips. All these books are planned according to the fact that the majority of the questions asked in the exam are from NCERT books (11th & 12th). This book provides a Chapter-wise, aspirant-friendly summary for rapid-and-simple revision of significant concepts, chapter-wise MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) united with NCERT to test students growth, an enormous variety of Multiple Choice Questions pulled out and copied from NCERT books, to enhance concepts, NCERT standard MCQs, statement and Reason questions are included and few exercise papers are provided for self-practice.

It holds 100 +MCQs topic-wise in a standard to assurance of the complete revision of NCERT books. This book as well offers the benefit to check your growth with a preparation meter. The latest updated version (2021) has access to mock Tests and few other changes as per the fresh NCERT curriculum. Content of the book contains Class 12th chapters namely, Measurement motion in a straight Line, physical world units, motion in Plane laws of Motion Work, Rotational Mechanical Properties, Energy and Power system of Particles, fluids thermal properties of Matter, electric Charges, Capacitance current Electricity moving Charges, Matter electromagnetic Induction, Matter Atoms Nuclei, material, simple circuits communication system, etc.

Biomedical engineering books

Disha's book of biomedical engineering is a fine set of books that explains the basics of biomedical engineering in the areas of biofluid flow, biomechanics, bio instrumentation, biomaterials, and computing in biomedical engineering. All these topics form a fundamental part of an aspirants’ education.

The book is well matched to meet the wants of the aspirants of mechanical engineering, who are choosing the elective of Biomedical Engineering. Exposure to biomaterials, big instrumentation, and computing for biomedical engineers can meet the requirements of the aspirants of Electronic and Instrumentation, Electronics and Communication, Biotech Engineering, and Information Technology.

The book is brief exposure of the definitions, theory, illustrations, and formulas and is finely supported by lots of diagrams and solved problems to make the core principles effortlessly understandable.

Best Books for Medical Exams

Disha’s book named 2250+ blockbuster problems for Chemistry, Physics, & Biology for NEET is an exclusive and inventive book set intended for NEET students. Each of the books offers Chapter-wise questions on the NCERT chapters. The book also comprises modal test papers and each Chapter presents approximately 15-25 most essential MCQs based upon the important Chapter with detailed solutions for all the questions. The book will absolutely assist students in improving their marks in the examination.

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