Olympiad Foundation

National Olympiad Foundation comprises of social entrepreneurship and scholastic talent helping the aptitude to appear from the parapet of classroom. National Olympiad Foundation carries out one of its individual global aptitude search exam where the assets are exploited for children in need who are unaware about schooling. NOF has brought students from all over the world bringing them on a same stage.

Olympiads have been an approach to endorse talent and grant a launch pad for youthful brains early on in their existence. Instructive Olympiads are promoted all around the world. India also carries out a chain of Olympiad exams, taking care of the educational wants of the young age group.

If students want to be a good performer in the Olympiad exams and win success, then they must to plan well for these exams. Olympiads in our country are carried out for various subjects.

They are specifically junior science, mathematics, Biology, Physics, Astronomy and Chemistry. Disha has study material for all these subjects which will help students to prepare well for the Olympiads. So, choose your area of attention and start your book hunt with this complete collection.

Best Books for Olympiad

National Olympiad books given on this page are planned to make students acquainted with the kind of questions coming in Olympiad exams. The Workbook includes topic-wise MCQs (multiple choice question) bank, chased by answers in the book.

New and revised topic is added in the book to cover every possible chapter. OMR sheet alike the main exam is also prearranged in the book for the OMR sheet practice of students. Questions given for every segment are brilliant and wrap a huge area of information to provide all information Class wise.

Eye-catching optical pictures in questions assist in fast understanding and learning the facts fast. It gives whole question practice and rapid recapitulate with self-testing for immense presentation in the Olympiads exams.

Olympiad Syllabus

The syllabus for National Olympiad is divided into segments for every class starting from 1ST to 12TH class. This has been completed in order to make sure that it is represented in a simple-to-discover way. The sub- sections are specified strictly as per the classes in which the students are and Sample Papers are also offered.

Part 1 is the Logical Reasoning part which mostly pacts with the questions connected to Non-Verbal and Verbal Reasoning. Part 2 is the part which wraps all the important topics and further divided into sub-topics.

Part 3 is the hard worker's part which holds HOTs (Higher Order Thinking) Questions and it is recommended to go to this part just after you have finished the preceding two.

Olympiad examinations will be 60 percent from the present class syllabus and 40 percent from the preceding syllabus, example; Class-8th NSO exam will have 60 percent questions from class-8th syllabus and 40 percent questions from class 7th syllabus.

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