Olympiad Exam

Olympiad books are developed to give confidence to students to master the competitive border in the examination. It is an attempt from NTSE to offer in-depth coverage of SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and MAT (Mental Ability Test) for the higher-level preparation standards expected of students.

Olympiad provides wide content on the latest topics so that students can do tremendously well in them as highly important exam as NTSE and at the same time improve their awareness.

Middle School is the most appropriate period when children can focus on a lot of other key skills that will last for existence. Desha's Book for Olympiads is an effort to direct and prepare students for the Olympiad exam. The books contain subjects like Science, Social Sciences and Mathematics, etc. in addition to the Mental Ability sections.

The book provides important concepts for each chapter followed by MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions). The solutions to the MCQs have also been provided at the end of each chapter. This book will be an advantage for students as they scarcely discover any book which can help them in building a powerful foundation.

Disha Publication book for Olympiad is an absolute guide for aspirants who want to do tremendously well in the national level Olympiad exams. This book thoroughly covers all the correct topic matter in Science, Mathematics, and Social Science, making sure that nil is left under the Scholastic Aptitude section.

It also consists of the Mental Ability section of the exam and is designed to go well with the learning levels of students, by making their base strong. The list of important topics has been given at the end of each chapter which is very valuable in highlighting the major points of the complete lesson.

The entire book comprises a number of Multiple Choice Questions at the end of the chapters, which help aspirants to check their understanding level. This book helps aspirants to get ready for the competitive style of answering.

Olympiad books for Class 5th

National Olympiad books for class 5th are planned to bring to the light to students with the kind of questions approaching in Olympiad exams. The book consists of a topic-wise multiple-choice question followed by logical reasoning followed by an explanation at the ending of the book.

The Olympiad book also contains the latest 2020 Olympiad exam paper with answer explanations to give current Olympiad exam understanding. It gives complete practice and quick sum up with self-analysis for immense performance in the Olympiads.

Disha Publication provides Olympiad books for class 5th. These books are written by experts who have years of experience. Students can easily buy books online from Disha’s official page.

Olympiad books of science for class 5th contains topics given below

1: Animals 2: Human Body and Health 3: Plants 4: Natural Resources and Indian Heritage 5: Pollution and Calamities 6: Earth and Universe 7: Matter and Materials 8: Force and Energy

Olympiad books of Maths for class 5th contains topics given below

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