NEET Books for 2021 Preparation

NEET is fairly believed to be one of the leading and most competitive entrance exams in our country. For exams like NEET students generally begin preparing for a year in advance. At the initial step, there are numerous alternatives for the students but the correct supervision is of supreme importance.

There is pair of reasons that students must be careful about while choosing the finest books for NEET-UG exam. First of all, the opted study material must clear the basic concepts, and after that, it must provide students with strategies to crack the question paper within the specified time. As the exam paper put forward 180 questions that has to be completed in 3 hours, that is why time management becomes an extremely important part of NEET exam preparation .

NEET Books for Physics

The physics part is the most difficult out of all the parts as told by the professionals and toppers; it wants broad knowledge on each and every topic. The part includes 45 questions which is of 180 marks in which mainly questions are from Mechanics, Electrostatics and Electronics dominate.

The mathematical based questions in NCERT book will assist the students in solving mathematical throughout the exam.

NEET Book for Chemistry

Chemistry again contains 45 questions which hold 180 marks in which the students will see 3 sections – Inorganic, Organic, and Physical. As per the preceding year, Physical and Organic segment is of more weightage so Disha have included additional books for these segments in the record of NEET books.

So the books added are going to help students in solving questions. The inorganic part is the simplest part if compared with the other two. The book contains MCQs (multiple-choice questions) which are actually superior for candidates preparing for NEET. The organic part requires practice as it based on the interlinking of knowledge.

NEET Book for Biology

Biology segment includes 90 questions which hold 360 marks and it goes exclusive of saying that students must pay extra concentration to this segment since it carries extra weightage. Disha have included books which will assist students in preparing them for objective questions.

The 1st book in the record of best books for NEET examination will be NCERT of Class 11th and 12th Biology books. These books will resolve the basic problems of the students.

NEET Syllabus

The medical students of NEET 2021 are likely to stay the same. It consists of topic from each subject. The syllabus is arranged by NCERT, CBSE and COBSE taking into thought the syllabus of all the States. It will assist students to prepare for NEET thoroughly.


There are a range of aspirants who aim to achieve the list of scholars, but just a few are capable to turn their vision to reality. The struggle is ever rising and it is very essential that the aspirants give proper time to their studies.

Study material plays a crucial part in supporting the scores of the aspirants. If you are looking for Study Material for NEET exam, NEET study material PDF, NEET notes, etc then your search ends at Disha. Here students can download free PDF for NEET.

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