12 Years CBSE Board Class 12 Biology Skill-wise & Chapter-wise Solved Papers (2008 - 19) 2nd Edition

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ISBN : 9789388919586

Author : Dr. Shahil agrwal

Pages: 356

Publisher: Disha Publication

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12 Years CBSE Board Class 12 Biology Skill-wise & Chapter-wise Solved Papers (2008 - 19) is altogether a new approach for Practicing, Revising and Mastering Biology for Class 12 CBSE Board exams.
The book covers solutions to the Biology questions that appeared in the 2008 - 2019 Question papers of CBSE Board Delhi/ All India/ Foreign papers.
The book provides a unique and innovative chapterisation defined on the basis of Level of Difficulty - Concept/ Application/ Skill. Questions in each chapter are then divided among the various NCERT chapters. Some of the typical chapter names are: What is the definition of? How will you differentiate between? Why does the following phenomenon happen (reason)? Draw a rough diagram of? What is the law/ rule/ principle of? What are the properties/ functions/ uses/ effects of? Explain the process of? etc.

# 2019 Solved Paper
Concept/ Definition Based
1. Name the event/mechanism/process takes place….
2. Mention the functions/characteristics…
3. List the important features/events/reasons….
4. What do the following signify….?
Application Based
5. How does it occur….?
6. Compare between the given terms/ processess ….
7. Why does it happen...?
8. Value based question.
Skill Based
9. Identify and resolve the figure….
10. Draw a label diagram of….
11. State the role/cause/significance of….
12. Describe/explain the following….
13. Analytical questions.
Sample Paper-1
Sample Paper-2
Sample Paper-3
Detailed Solutions to Sample Paper 1 to 3

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