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CBSE Board Class 12 Chemistry Solved Papers (2008 - 17) in Level of Difficulty Chapters with 3 Sample Papers 5th Edition

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ISBN : 97893863239961

Author : Dr. O. P. Agarwal, Er. Deepak Agarwal

Pages: 580

Publisher: Disha Publication

Comprehension/Passage based Questions
"TABLE OF CONTENTS All India 2017 Solved Paper All India & Delhi 2016 Solved Papers All India & Delhi 2015 Solved Papers All India & Delhi 2014 Solved Papers Part A - Organic 1. What are the IUPAC Names/ Structures of the following compounds? 2. How will you define the given reactions? 3. What happens when? 4. What are the missing compounds/ reagents? 5. How will you carry out given conversions? 6. How will you distinguish the given pair of compounds? 7. What will be the mechanism of the given reactions? 8. Why do the following happen? 9. What is the correct Ascending/Descending order? 10. How to solve the analytical problems? 11. Miscellaneous Questions – Bio molecules, Everyday chemistry and Moral value based questions PART B - Physical Chemistry 1. Write the definition/example(s)/type(s) of . 2. Why does this happen? 3. What is the role/effect of ? 4. How will you differentiate between ? 5. Calculation based on formula 6. Numerical based on laws 7. Numericals based on Application/Skill 8. Miscellaneous PART C - Inorganic Chemistry 1. What are the structures of the following compounds/ions? 2. What is the role of the following? 3. What or which principle is involved in the following processes? 4. Why do the following happens? 5. How you will prepare the following? 6. What happens when… 7. Complete the following 8. What is the correct Increasing/Decreasing order? 9. Miscellaneous "
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