Chemistry Class 12 CBSE Board 10 YEAR-WISE (2013 - 2022) Solved Papers powered with Concept Notes 2nd Edition

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The latest updated 2nd Edition of the book Chemistry Class 12 CBSE Board 10 Year-wise (2013 - 2022) Solved Papers powered with Concept Notes is a must have book for aspirants who are looking for better score in exams.
# The Book contains the Past 10 Year Solved Authentic CBSE Board Papers of Class 12 Physics.
# In all the Book contains 18 Papers including the 2021 CBSE Sample Paper. This paper has been included as this year the Board exams were cancelled.
# The USP of the book is the inclusion of Concept Notes – highlighting Tips, Tricks, Alternate solutions & Points to Remember in various solutions.
# Trend Analysis of 17 Papers (2013 - 2022) is provided to understand Question trend.
# The Notes will help the students in further revision of syllabus.
# 17 Authentic Papers (CBSE All India & CBSE Delhi) with detailed solutions are provided 
# Errorless Solutions with step-by-step marking scheme on the lines of CBSE Board and written in a way that any student can understand easily.

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