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Class 12 Mathematics Solved Papers (2008 - 16) cum Revision Handbook with 3 Sample Papers (CBSE) 3rd Edition

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ISBN : 9789386146427

Author : Er. Deepak Agarwal

Pages: 664

Publisher: Disha Publication

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Class 12 Mathematics Solved Papers (2008 - 16) cum Revision Handbook with 3 Sample Papers (CBSE) 3rd Edition is altogether a new approach for practicing and revising Mathematics for Class 12 CBSE Board exams.
The book covers solutions to the questions that appeared in the 2008 - 2016 solved papers of CBSE Board Delhi, All India and Foreign (including their compartment papers) papers.
The book provides a unique and innovative chapterisation and has been divided on the basis of the types of the questions rather than the typical chapter format.
Some of the typical chapter names are: Check Your Knowledge of Concepts; Formula based questions; Check your understanding of concepts; Simplifying the problem; How to prove the problems mathematically; Application Based short-word problems; Application based long word problems; Application based (value based) problems etc.
The name of the book follows from the answers it provides to the following 5 questions:
1. What has been asked in the exam?
2. Why is this question important? Why this question is repeated many-a-times?
3. How do I answer this question in the best way?
4. Where (Delhi/AI/Foreign) did this question appeared?
5. When (year) was this question asked?
The book also provides 3 Sample papers with detailed solutions. The papers have been designed on the latest pattern of the exam as announced by the CBSE.
The book will be an eye-opener for all class 12 students who will appear in the CBSE board examination.

All India & Delhi 2016 Solved Papers
All India & Delhi 2015 Solved Papers
1. Check Your Knowledge of Concepts?
2. Formula based questions
3. Check your understanding of concepts
4. Simplifying the problem
5. How to prove the problems mathematically
6. Application Based short-word problems
7. Application based long word problems
8. Application based (value based) problems
Sample Paper-1
Sample Paper-2
Sample Paper-3
Detailed Solutions to Sample Paper 1 to 3

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