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Concepts of Class 12 Physics for JEE Advanced & Main - (Electricity, Magnetism, Optics & Modern Physics) 4th Edition

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Concepts of Class 12 Physics consists of the 4th, 5th & 6th books in the new Physics “Concepts Series” by D C Gupta of books for IIT-JEE Advanced & Mains. The books are Concepts of Electrostatics & Current Electricity, Magnetism & Electromagnetic Induction and Optics & Modern Physics for JEE Advanced & Main. The series aims at helping the students with Tricks & Techniques to Master Concepts and Problem-Solving Skills in Physics for IIT-JEE. The books are empowered with Problem-Solving Videos, by the author himself, where he has tried to demonstrate the best practices while attempting IIT-JEE Physics Problems.
These are the Most User-Friendly Series of Books for JEE Advanced.
• The books comprise of Comprehensive Theory and Miscellaneous Solved Examples for a better understanding of the concepts.
• The theory not only discusses the concept at length but also discusses the various permutations and combinations in which problems can be asked in JEE Advanced.
• “Gyan Booster” - Concept points are given in various places in each chapter.
• To make the books more pertinent and relevant, selected NCERT EXEMPLAR, Previous years JEE Advanced & Mains, KVPY and Physics Olympiad Problems are also included.
• The questions in each exercise are arranged TOPIC-WISE.
• Concept Boosting Questions are marked with a Star ‘CBQ’ and High Order Thinking Skills questions as ‘HOTS’.
• 15-25 Problem-Solving Videos of TYPICAL PROBLEMS demonstrating the best approach to solve Problems in each book.
• A lot of unique and new Questions similar to the ones being asked in JEE Advanced have been added in the exercises.
• Hints and solutions for all the problems of the exercises are provided.
• The books also contain Chapter-wise all important formulae and summarised theory at the end of each chapter for last-minute Revisions.

Book 1 - Electrostatics & Current Electricity for JEE Main & Advanced
0. Mathematics Used in Physics
1. Electrostatics
2. Capacitance & Capacitors
3. DC and DC circuits
4. Thermal and Chemical effects of Current
5. Magnetic Force on Moving Charges & Conductor
6. Magnetic Effect of Current
7. Permanent Magnet & Magnetic Properties of Substance
8. Electromagnetic Induction
9. AC and EM- Waves
Book 2 - Optics & Modern Physics for JEE Main & Advanced
1. Reflection of Light
2. Refraction and Dispersion
3. Refraction at Spherical Surface Lenses and Photometry
4. Wave optics
5. Electron, Photon, Atoms, Photoelectric Effect and X-rays
6. Nuclear Physics
7. Electronics

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