Class 12 Physics Solved Papers (2008 - 16) cum Revision Handbook with 3 Sample Papers (CBSE) 3rd Edition

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Class 12 Physics Solved Papers (2008 - 16) cum Revision Handbook with 3 Sample Papers (CBSE) 3rd Edition is altogether a new approach for practicing and revising Physics for Class 12 CBSE Board exams.
The book covers solutions to the questions that appeared in the 2008 - 2016 solved papers of CBSE Board Delhi, All India and Foreign (including their compartment papers) papers.
The book provides a unique and innovative chapterisation and has been divided on the basis of the types of the questions rather than the typical chapter format.
Some of the typical chapter names are: What is the definition of? How will you identify/ differentiate between? Why does the following phenomenon happen (reason)? How will you draw graph / diagram of? What is the law/rule/principle of? What are the properties/ functions/uses/effects of? How will you establish relation/deduce expression for? How will you get the solution of numerical based on formula/ laws / theorems? etc.
The name of the book follows from the answers it provides to the following 5 questions:
1. What has been asked in the exam?
2. Why is this question important? Why this question is repeated many-a-times?
3. How do I answer this question in the best way?
4. Where (Delhi/AI/Foreign) did this question appeared?
5. When (year) was this question asked?
The book also provides 3 Sample papers with detailed solutions. The papers have been designed on the latest pattern of the exam as announced by the CBSE.
The book will be an eye-opener for all class 12 students who will appear in the CBSE board examination.

Author Name Shipra Agarwal
ISBN 9789386146410
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Pages 512
Publisher Disha Publication
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