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General Knowledge

Gk is the center subject of competitive examination as it makes one be modernized about the events happening all over the world. To be attentive about the current affairs on a daily basis is extremely hard so discovering the best study material for General Knowledge for competitive examination stands as the other substitute to do fine in competitive examination.

Books for General Knowledge Exams

There is no topic left in General Knowledge that has not been sheltered by these books. These books can be used for a variety of exams such as IFS, IAS CDS, UPSC, etc. It is suggested that students should always purchase the updated version of the book so that they can acquire all the information latest and thrilling. These books will be containing over 14,000 questions in each when it comes to General Knowledge.

The enormous categories are history and the geography sections in the books, which have been described in detail. There are as well tiny bits and pieces on the subject of sciences like chemistry, biology, and physics. Students as well get the addition of EVS (environmental studies).

Best Book for GK

These books not just hold the common subjects for preparation but as well comes updated with all the newest growths when it arrives at the banking sector, economics, science, defense – so that student will be capable to wrap as much information as they possibly can prior to the examinations and that also from a solitary book.

The book will arrive with a variety of maps, graphs, and charts for students so that they can get an overall impression of student's recall capabilities which will assist them to memorize things in a lot enhanced manner. Separately from that, students can look forward to all the common, much-required information from the same.

General Studies is the most trendy general knowledge book printed by Disha Publications. It is the second version of the book which holds 10000+ Objective MCQ questions and their answers with a clarification for universal awareness is also provided. This version is restructured with the majority of the most important and newest questions linked to SSC, RRB, PSC, Banking, & other examinations.

It holds 8 major sections (History, General Knowledge, Polity, Geography, Science & Technology, Economics, Current Affairs, and Ecology) which further separated into chapters enclosed a total of 10,000 up-to-date questions with their answers for exercise & revision purposes. All the questions and their answers are planned on the basis of the preceding exam questions pattern.

Tips and Tricks

Though this might sound so clichéd, reading newspaper regularly is generally the most helpful way for strengthening students’ preparation of the general awareness section. Keeping a look at what is happening all over the world will be very productive for exam preparation.

Writing down notes is an excellent way to absorb information and hoard it for future ease. Disha would recommend to all the students to not just simply write down the important points but instead make an effort to build flowcharts and mind maps for all the information they have collected. This will help students at the time of revision and they are going to remember it for a longer time.

Study as per the examination that you’re preparing for. If any of you are preparing for Bank exams, then they must focus on banking-associated terms.

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