Crack Civil Services General Studies IAS Prelims (CSAT) - Paper 2 Fourth Edition

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The thoroughly revised and enlarged 4th edition “Crack Civil Services General Studies Prelims (CSAT) - Paper 2” is a real cracker for all IAS aspirants. The thoroughly revised and edited book has been prepared with the intent to help each and every aspirant for the IAS Prelim exam. The book is unique and fresh in its own way.
The book, “Crack Civil Services General Studies Prelims (CSAT) - Paper 2” has been written in a concise format so as to provide the student with to-the-point key concepts required to Crack the IAS Prelim exam. The emphasis of the book has been on the concepts which are important from the point of view of the Prelim exam.
The book captures most of the important questions with explanations of the past few years of the IAS Prelim exam. The book also contains the fully solved questions paper of CSAT Paper 2 held in 2011-14.
The book contains a chapter on “Introducing Graphs” in the Data Interpretation section. The chapter talks about the real-life significance of Graphs and how they are useful in communicating various important trends as seen in our day-to-day life.  
The book contains a chapter on “Comprehension” in the Logical Comprehension section. The chapter provides a number of passages similar to the ones being asked in the latest CSAT exams with special emphasis on “Applied MCQs.” The MCQs can be answered on the basis of inferred or derived information of the passages. In all the book contains 2800+ MCQs with detailed solutions.
In Logical Reasoning section, certain new topics like Arithmetic Reasoning, Cubes & Dices and Counting of Figures have been added based upon the questions asked in the latest CSAT exams.
The Civil Services General Studies Preliminary Examination (popularly known as CSAT - Civil Services Aptitude Test) emphasizes on testing the “aptitude for civil services” as well as on “ethical and moral dimension of decision-making.”
The present book for the Paper 2, is an attempt to expose the IAS aspirants to the 10 test areas as presented in the latest IAS syllabus for CSAT.
The book has been designed on the exact pattern as followed in the last CSAT paper.
The book covers 100% syllabus and would prove to be a stepping stone for the Civil Services.

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Pages 700
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