Crack General Studies CSAT - Paper 1 with 5 Mock Tests (IAS Prelims) Fourth Mega Edition

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The thoroughly revised and updated 4th MEGA edition “Crack General Studies CSAT Paper 1 for Civil Services Preliminary Exam” has been prepared with enormous efforts for all IAS aspirants.
The book has been written with the approach to provide the best preparatory material for the CSAT exam. The book not only covers 100% syllabus but is also fully updated with facts, figures, charts, statistics, current affairs and latest CSAT pattern MCQs. The emphasis of the book has been on conceptual understanding and  better retention which are important from the point of view of the Prelim exam.
The focus of the book has been switched to issues/ applications/ decision making/ leadership based Qs  as being asked by the UPSC/ State  PSC  to tackle the socio-economic, cultural, political, educational, administrative, gender, health, women safety, old-age security, farmers’ debt, etc. related problems for inclusive growth and welfare of all segments of society.
The book captures most of the important questions with explanations of the past 10 years of the IAS Prelim exam distributed in the various chapters.
Salient Features of the Book:
1. The various Chapters and their important topics are presented in a chart form - MIND MAPS for better understanding and retention.
2. The book is divided into 80 chapters followed by 2 levels of exercises - Simple MCQs & statement based MCQs.
3. The book covers, approximately,
(i) 1,00,000+  facts and information
(ii) 40,000+ bold and italics facts and concepts
(iii) 20,000+ Acts, Boards, Commissions, Missions, Policies, Programmes, Projects, Reports,      
                                  Tribunals, Yojnas, etc.             
(iv) 15000+ highlighted Factual and conceptual statements
(v) 8000+ MCQs for practice (Direct and statements based),
(vi) 4500+ Headings/Sub-headings
(vii) 500+ Current affairs facts (Science & Tech, Politics, Economics, Business, Ecology, Sports, etc.)       
                              of  India  and the world are covered,
(viii) 400+ Charts/ Mind Maps/ Infographics incorporated in various chapters.
(ix) 300+ Tables of data to support texts, policies, results of different initiatives are given,
(x) 5 Practice papers to evaluate your learning and speed of tackling Question paper,
4. The book provides latest information on all the subject areas/ Units - History, Polity, Economics, Geography, Ecology, General Science, Science & Technology and General Knowledge including current affairs.
5. The book contains 2000+ Statement based Questions.
6. Ecology has been divided into 3 separate chapters – Climate Change, Bio-diversity, Environmental ecology.
7. Science and Technology has been divided into 5 separate chapters – Space Science, Defense & Security systems, Atomic & Nuclear Science, Biotechnology and Computer & IT.
8. General Knowledge has been divided into 7 separate chapters – World Organizations, World Panorama, Indian Panorama, Cultural Panorama, Sports & Games, Miscellaneous (awards, prizes, important days, abbreviations, etc.) and CURRENT AFFAIRS. The special focus has been on Frequently Asked Questions in General Knowledge. A huge collection of Latest Current Affairs questions have been added.

ISBN 9789385846236
Author Name Disha Experts
Product Type BOOK
Pages 1524
Publisher Disha Publication
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Table of Contents
Section 1: History
Ancient History
1. Sources Of Ancient  Indian History
2. Pre-Historic Period
3. Indus Valley Civilization
4. The Vedic Age
5. Emergence Of Mahajanapadas And Magadh
6. Religious Revolution
7. The Mauryanempire
8. The Sangam Age
9. The Gupta Empire
10. India After Harsha
Medieval History
11. Medieval Period
12. The Delhi Sultanate
13. The Vijayanagar Empire
14. Sufi And Bhakti Movement
15. The Mughal Empire
Modern History
16. Chronology Of The British India
17. The British East India Company
18. Indian Freedom Struggle
Section 2: Polity
1. Constitutional Framework and Citizenship
2. Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties and Directive Principle of State Policy
3. Union Government
4. State Government
5. Local Government
6. Judiciary
7. Miscellaneous Topics
8. Amendments and Articles of Indian Constitution
Section 3: Geography
1. Nature And Scope
2. Universe And Our Planet Earth
3. Hydrosphere
4. Atmosphere
5. World Geogreaphy Physical Aspect
6. World Geography Social Aspect
7. World Geography Economic Aspect
8. Physiography And Drainage Pattern Of  India
9. Soil, Nature Vegetation, Wildlife And Agriculture Of India
10. Mineral Resource, Industries Population Multipurpose Projects Of India
Section 4: Economics
1. Structure of Economy and Human Resource in India
2. Planning, Unemployment and Poverty in India
3. Agriculture
4. Fiscal and Monetary Policy
5. Money Supply and Indian Financial System
6. Foreign Trade and External Assistance
7. Industry and Infrastructure
Section 5: General Science
Part I: Physics
1. Mechanics
2. Heat and Thermodynamics
3. Sound
4. Electricity and Magnetism
5. Optics
6. Modern and Space Physics
7. Misc Questions on Physics
Part II: Chemistry
1. Scope of Chemistry in Everyday Life
2. Matter and Atomic Structure
3. Chemical reactions and Chemical Nature of substances
4. Periodic Trends and Chemical Bonding of Elements
5. Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen and Colloids
6. Metallurgy and Biochemistry
7. Thermochemistry, Electrochemistry, Gas laws and Colligative Properties of Solutions
8. Misc Questions on Chemistry
Part III: Biology
1. Cell and Tissues
2. Diversity in Living Organisms
3. Life Processes in plants and animals
4. Genetics and Evolution
5. Diseases and their Defence Mechanism
6. Improvement in Food Resources
7. Bacteria
8.Misc Questions on Biology
Section 6: Ecology
1. Ecology and Environment
2. Biodiversity
3. Environmental Issues
Section 7: Science and Technology
1. Space Science
2. Defence
3. Atomic and Nuclear Science
4. Computer and Information Technology
Section 8: General Knowledge
1. World Organization
2. World Panorama
3. Indian Panorama
4. Art and Culture
5. Sports and Games
6. Awards and Honours
7. Miscellaneous
Practice sets 1-5 with solutions
Current Affairs Question Bank
• Art and Culture
• Awards and Honours
• Ecology
• Health Care
• Economy
• Polity
• Science and Tech
• Sports
• Miscellaneous

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