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Crack IAS Prelims General Studies Paper 2 with 5 Mock Tests 7th Edition

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The thoroughly revised & Upgraded 7th edition of the book Crack IAS Prelims General Studies (CSAT) - Paper 2 is an exhaustive book capturing all the important topics being asked in the last few years of the IAS Prelim exam.

• The book has been divided into 9 Units & 40 Chapters. • Each chapter porovides theory along with an Exercise in every chapter with fully solved past CSAT questions from 2011 onwards.

• The book has separate units for Comprehension and English Language Comprehension.

• English Language RC passage covers all literary styles.

• Exhaustive exercise of situation-based questions to test decision making and administrative course of action.

• Vast variety of situation-based questions to test Interpersonal Skills including Communication Skills.

• Questions of Critical Reasoning based on Passages and Puzzles that are mostly asked in the exam, are covered with almost all varieties of questions in very large number.

• Miscellaneous graphs as asked in 2018 Symmetric and Skew Distribution of Data as asked in 2015 are provided in the Data Interpretation unit of this book.

• The Exercise covers the fully solved past CSAT questions from 2011 onwards.

In all the book contains 3000+ MCQs with detailed solutions.

The book provides 5 Mock Tests with Solutions on the exact pattern as followed in the last CSAT paper.

Table of Contents

Unit-1 Basic Numeracy

1. Number System

2. HCF and LCM

3. Equations and Inequations

4. Average and Ages

5. Percentage

6. Profit, Loss and Discount

7. Simple Interest and Compound Interest

8. Ratio, Proportion and Partnership

9. Allegation & Mixture

10. Time, work and wages

11. Time, Speed and Distance

12. Time sequence (clock and calendar)

13. Mensuration–1: Plane Figures

14. Mensuration–2: Solid figures

15. Arithmetic Progression (A.P.)

16. Set Theory (Venn Diagram)

17. Trigonometric ratio and Height & Distance

18. Permutation & Combination

19. Probability

Unit-2 Data Interpretation

1. Table, Bar, line, pie & mixed graph

2. Miscellaneous Graphs

3. Mean, median, Mode, Symmetric and skewed distribution of data

Unit-3 General Comprehension

Unit-4 English language comprehension Skills

Unit-5 Decision Making

1: Administrative courses of Action

2: Decision Making

Unit-6 Interpersonal Skills including Communication Skills

Unit-7 General Mental Ability

1. Number Series

2. Coding & Decoding

3. Blood Relation

4. Direction and Distance

5. Ranking and Order (Position)

6. Arithmetical reasoning

7. Number Puzzle

8. Cube and Dice

9. Non verbal reasoning

10. Sitting arrangement

11. Puzzles

Unit-8: Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability

1. Statement and assumptions

2. Statement and arguments

3. Statement and Conclusions

4. Evaluating Inferences

5. Critical Reasoning

Unit-9: Problem solving

Mock Test 1 – 5 with Solutions

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