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Daily Practice Problem (DPP) Sheets PHYSICS for JEE Advanced (Kota's formula to Success)
Assessment is the most integral part of a student’s preparation but still most of them avoid it. Assessment can only tell where you stand and how you can improve from that point. So it is very important that you take the right assessment, which is on the correct pattern, has the same level of difficulty as the actual exam and covers all the important concepts of the subject.
Disha Publication launches a first of its kind product which changed the way coaching was conducted in KOTA - the hub of Engineering and Medical Entrance education in India.
The book “Daily Practice Problem (DPP) Sheets for JEE Advanced” is precise, apt and tuned to all the requirements of a JEE Advanced aspirant.
Key Differentiating Features of the DPP Sheets:
• Division of the complete JEE Advanced syllabus of each subject into 75 most important Topics. Each chapter has been broken into 2 or more topics.
• Time Limit, Maximum Marks, Cut-off, Qualifying Score for each DPP Sheet.
• Ultimate tool for Concept Checking & Speed Building.
• Collection of 1750+ Standardised MCQ’s that will of all variety of questions
• Unique & innovative way of learning
• Separate Booklet for Solutions.
• Covers all important Concepts of each Topic
• As per latest pattern & syllabus of JEE Advanced exam.
• Compliant to all boards of education.
No matter where you PREPARE from – a coaching or NCERT books or any other textbook/ Guide - Daily Practice Problem Sheets provides you the right ASSESSMENT on each topic. Your performance provides you the right cues to IMPROVE your concepts so as to perform better in the final examination.
It is to be noted here that these are not tests but act as a checklist of student’s learning and ability to apply concepts to different problems.
It is our strong belief that if an aspirant works hard on the cues provided through each of the DPP sheets he/ she can improve his/ her learning and finally the SCORE by at least 20%.
DPP 1. Units and Dimensions
DPP 2. Methods of Measurement and Error Analysis
DPP 3. Motion in One Dimension
DPP 4. Relative Velocity
DPP 5. Projectile Motion
DPP 6. Uniform Circular Motion
DPP 7. Newton's Laws of Motion (Except Friction)
DPP 8. Conservation of linear momentum, Mechanical energy and Impulse
DPP 9. Newton's Laws of Motion (with Friction)
DPP 10. Work, Energy and Power
DPP 11. Elastic and Inelastic Collisions
DPP 12. System of particles, centre of mass and its motion
DPP 13. Torque, Equilibrium of rigid body, angular momentum and its conservation
DPP 14. Rigid body and moment of inertia
DPP 15. Dynamics of rigid bodies, Rolling without slipping and collision of point masses with rigid bodies, Rotational kinetic energy.
DPP 16. Law of gravitation and acceleration due to gravity
DPP 17. Gravitational Field and Potential
DPP 18. Motion of planets and satellites
DPP 19. Elasticity and Hooke’s law
DPP 20. Pressure in Fluids and Buoyancy
DPP 21. Streamline flow, equation of continuity, Bernoulli’s theorem and its applications
DPP 22. Viscosity, Stoke's law and terminal velocity
DPP 23. Surface energy, surface tension and capillarity
DPP 24. Thermal Expansion
DPP 25. Calorimetry
DPP 26. Transmission of heat (conduction and convection)
DPP 27. Radiation of heat and Black body
DPP 28. Newton's law of cooling
DPP 29. First law of thermodynamics and its applications
DPP 30. Specific heats, Isothermal and adiabatic processes
DPP 31. Ideal gas laws, bulk modulus of gases and equivalence of heat and work
DPP 32. Kinetic Theory of gases
DPP 33. Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM)
DPP 34. Free, forced and damped oscillation
DPP 35. Progressive and Stationary waves
DPP 36. Speed of sound in gases.
DPP 37. Vibration of strings and air columns, resonance and beats
DPP 38. Doppler effect (in sound)
DPP 39. Coulomb's Law
DPP 40. Electric field and potential and electrical dipoles
DPP 41. Electric flux, Gauss's law and its applications
DPP 42. Capacitors and energy stored in them
DPP 43. Capacitors in series and parallel
DPP 44. Electric Current and Ohm's Law
DPP 45. Heating Effects of Current
DPP 46. Grouping of Resistors and Cells
DPP 47. Kirchoff's Laws & Applications
DPP 48. Meter Bridge and Potentiometer
DPP 49. Magnetic Effect of Current
DPP 50. Effect of a uniform magnetic field on a moving charge, current carrying wire and a current loop
DPP 51. Torque, Ampere's law, Solenoid and Toroid
DPP 52. Galvanometer and its conversion into ammeter and voltmeter
DPP 53. Magnetism
DPP 54. Magnetic Materials
DPP 55. Electromagnetic Induction
DPP 56. Self Induction and Mutual Induction
DPP 57. Alternating Current & Electromagnetic Waves
DPP 58. RC, LR and LC circuits with d.c and a.c. sources
DPP 59. Reflection, refraction and total internal reflection of light
DPP 60. Deviation and dispersion of light by a prism
DPP 61. Thin Lenses
DPP 62. Combination of mirrors and thin lenses
DPP 63. Optical Instruments
DPP 64. Interference of light
DPP 65. Young's double slit experiment
DPP 6DPP 6. Diffraction and Polarisation of light
DPP 67. Atom & Bohr's Theory
DPP 68. X-rays, Mosley's law and de Broglie Wavelength
DPP 69. Atomic nucleus, binding energy, fission and fusion
DPP 70. Radioactivity
DPP 71. Photons and Photoelectric effect
DPP 72. Semiconductors, semiconductor diode and zener diode
DPP 73. Junction transistor, transistor as an amplifier and oscillator
DPP 74. Digital electronics
DPP 75. Communication system

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